An anarchic live comedy podcast recording, celebrating the best of the cheap and cheerful. It’s a mix of stand up, chat show and twisted games and challenges all based around the hunt for long lost treasures or bargain basement deals.

It’s performed and recorded live in Camden and has a strong audience participation element, both in the studio and online.

There is nothing amusing about austerity, but Cheap Show aims to find the humour in amongst the bric-a-brac of charity shops, junk sales and Poundlands of the UK.

Each episode also features a special guest who is dragged kicking and screaming into the format of the show. They can at least expect an unusual and occasionally shambolic interview followed by

It’s a unique, fun and interactive evening of comedy and a rowdy, energetic podcast experience.

Presented by Paul Gannon (The Geekatorium, **** Broadway Baby), Eli Silverman (Universal Genius) and Ash Frith ("Utter Brilliance" Russell Kane)



We're Back! After a brief hiatus, Paul & Eli are back for more cheap tips, cheap tat and cheap laughs. The economy comedy podcast has returned and its bigger and better than ever... actually, its exactly the same.
In this particularly grotty episode, Eli advises, not only where to buy and find weird and wonderful vinyl, but also how to get rid of a fat bloated corpse. We catch up with what the chaps have been up to during their time off (Paul: Lots, Eli: Nothing). We get into some old school Price of Shite goodness and we cap the show off with a "Dollop-esque" investigation of Britain's most horrible, dirty old man: John Meggot/Elwes
Ahh, Cheapshow. Trashy as ever!
We would like to once again thank Page Branson for our awesome new logo and Brian Wecht for the trippy & fantastic new theme music.
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