Jeremy is brought out of his six-month hibernation by Chris Arnsby in time for this mini-episode, which precedes a new run of Cinema Limbo from next week. In the meantime, Jeremy explains where he's been, pitches the next Bond film and reviews the Godfather Trilogy, while Chris bemoans listmakers' obsession with death.


Ed Bloomer returns to help Jeremy discuss the 2010 science fantasy sequel TRON Legacy, with a heated discussion that takes in subjects including two-minute dancing, anti-helmet bias and David Frost.

Here's an article about the unproduced third TRON film, from an interview with director Joseph Kosinski from March this year.

And here's the article offering a counter-argument to the film's politics regarding the freedom of information.


030 - THE 2016 REVIEW

Jeremy returns for a new year and is joined by Chris Arnsby for a review of the last year's new releases. Listen in to discover the secret genius of Dan Brown, the importance of good diction, which film only Chris saw and find out what Jeremy sounds like when he's really cross.

See below for a playlist of previous best film winners!



Jeremy and Chris Arnsby present a commentary for the 1966 horror anti-classic Manos: The Hands of Fate, intended for listening while playing the film via home video or online. Join them as they uncover the Cocktail Party of the Damned, David Niven's shoulders and lashings of waldorf salad.


Jeremy and Chris Arnsby commemorate the season with the 1983 horror Halloween III: Season of the Witch, co-written and produced by John Carpenter. Topics under discussion include the inventor of modern television, the vanished Carry On film, Terry Wogan - mass murderer, the joke too dirty for Blazing Saddles and Admiral Horatio Pumpkinhead.

024 - SAFE

Jeremy and his good friend Amanda make a second attempt to discuss Safe, the 1995 psychological drama starring Julianne Moore and directed by Todd Haynes, with their conversation taking in subjects including Ray Bradbury, Ellen DeGeneres, having your eyes tested and the Pyramid Man of Charing Cross Road.


Amy Parr-Young joins Jeremy for a chat about 1974 oceanic thriller Juggernaut, directed by Richard Lester and featuring an all-star cast, with the conversation covering such subjects as Hi-De-Hi!, the perfect cure for seasickness and Jeremy's Roy Kinnear fan fiction.

019 - TOYS (PART 1)

George Grimwood joins Jeremy for a conversation about the 1992 comedy fantasy Toys starring Robin Williams. In this first of two parts, their conversation touches on matters including Nicolas Winding Refn, Lewis Carroll and JG Ballard.


Tilt Araiza joins Jeremy live from California to discuss 1997 romantic thriller The Saint, starring Val Kilmer and based on the popular character from page and screen, as part of an epic conversation that covers disparate topics including the Willy Fogg musical, a naked Hywel Bennett, Mr Rossi, test cards, Inception and which actor was rejected from the role of James Bond for having 'a face like a hammer'.