Hello! In this guide, I will (hopefully) show you how to add episodes to your Podnose page, and further down the line I will also add guides to adding further media and "blocks" to your page so you can make everything as nice and shiny as you would like!


In this guide, I will be using the page for my Podpit podcast as an example.

First of all, you should have received an invite to be an Admin on the Podnose site (the one you're looking at now). Once you have created your login details and followed the link as per the email, you should hopefully find yourself on the "back end" of Podnose.

To the left of the screen, you will see a variation of this menu (the image below is what I see but as an admin of the site you will see less options on your menu):

With any luck, your menu should almost certainly include PAGES, as above. Click on PAGES and you should arrive here...

On the menu on the left, locate your podcast page (which appears with an "a" next to it as above) and click on it, which will take you to your page as below (or in this case, Podpit):

Once you've reached your podcast page, you will be able to add episodes to the page as per the menu on the left. 

Let's add an episode. First of all, click on the + sign as below: 

This will then open a box on the page like so:

You will see that within this box, there are four areas we can explore: CONTENT, OPTIONS, LOCATION and SOCIAL. When adding an episode, you will only need to make use of CONTENT and OPTIONS.


Once you have added an episode or two, you will find that it is relatively quick and very easy. However, the devil is in the detail. Essentially these are aesthetic choices which are consistent across the site.

So for example, you may have a new episode to add. On your RSS feed, the title may be listed like so:

"Episode 71: Dictionary Corner with Andy Pandy"

On Podnose, the episode number should always appear as three numbers, followed by a space, a dash, then another space, and then the title, like so:

071 - Dictionary Corner with Andy Pandy

...I will now demonstrate how this should be changed to adhere with the aesthetics of the site.

The episode title in the box should always be in capital letters:

Then, in the box underneath the title, you should see an area where it says "Write here..." - This is where you write the episode blurb. You will find that you will be provided with a menu of options (bold, italics, link etc). Enter the blurb like so:

...Now this is where you enter the wonderful world of Squarespace blocks. You'll find that "bubbles" should appear to the left of the box as you highlight them, like so:

In this case, we want to add the Audio block above the episode blurb. Click on the bubble and you will go to your Squarespace Block menu:

There are many blocks to explore, but for now click on the Audio block and you will go to the box below:

In the Audio block, you will see three menu options - EMBED, PODCASTING and DESIGN. Ironically, when adding the mp3 of your podcast episode, we only need to add elements to EMBED and DESIGN only.

First of all, let's add your mp3. This will allow for the episode to stream on the page. In the EMBED section, click on External File (next to Upload File) and it will take you here:

Under Audio File URL, enter the direct mp3 link from your RSS feed of the episode you are adding. Depending on where you are adding it from (in this case Simplecast), it should look like something like this: 

You don't need to add anything under File Size (In Bytes).

Next, click on the scroll menu underneath Audio File Mime Type and change it from "Other" to "audio/mpeg (.mp3)":

Scroll down and add the Title (the episode title - not in capital letters this time!) and the Author/Artist (the name of your podcast), like so:

That's the EMBED section covered. Then, click on DESIGN:

Click on the Show Download Link so a tick appears. The Player Style stays as Minimal. Then, change the Player Color from Light to Dark. It should then look like this:

Then click APPLY, and that's the Audio Block covered! It will then take you back to your EDIT POST page which should now look like this:

Next up, we need to "date" the episode. If you are scheduling an episode to go up then you would enter the future date of when you want the episode to go live on the site. However, in this example we are assuming that the episode is already up on the RSS feed and you want it live now. Click on Draft as below:

Once you've clicked on Published, you should see a date underneath:

Click on the date and a calendar will appear:

Change the date to when it was published on your RSS feed, and then go back to the box:

Comments remain On and so do not need to be touched.

Then, click on the + next to Tags. This is where you add keywords about the podcast and the content of the episode, separated by commas. I would advise adding the basics such as the podcast title, episode title, genre, names of hosts and guests, keywords from the episode blurb and topics covered within the episode, as below:

Nothing needs to be added to the Categories area.

So now the CONTENT section of EDIT POST should look like this:

Then click on OPTIONS next to CONTENT:

This will take you to the OPTIONS box:

All we need to do in this section is: Add an image (in most cases this will be your podcast avatar, but if you have a specific episode avatar you can add this instead) and add the Post URL.

So, click "Add an image" and you will then need to select your image from your computer and click Open. Your selected image should appear like so:

Then we need to create the address of the episode page. It is very important to manually create this as if you save the page without doing so, it will create its own automatic address which will include the date of the blog post, which we do not want. We don't want the address to appear like this:

Please do manually enter the address - when you do, it should look like this:

So the end result on this page should appear like this:

Then click Save, and you have added an episode! This is how it should then appear on your podcast page:

As you can see, we have the title in capitals, the date of the episode, the Audio block (click on the play button to make sure that the mp3 streams), the episode blurb, the tags, and the Comment, Share and Likes buttons.

I will be adding further info to this page re: adding images, embedding video etc as and when I can. If you have any specific query, please do not hesitate to get in touch!