300 - 'ENDGAME'

Well there you go... Davian and Kat reach the 300th episode of Strange Times. Would you like to know what we chatted about? Simple! Download/subscribe via the links below and fill your ears with the most most elegant chaos you'll ever find tickling your brain bits. Beware, it's a tad rude. definitely not safe for work.Many thanks to the following damn fools who joined in: Travis Clark, Dana Lucas, Dom Risk, Pat Cecil, Pablo Bonzo, In Poor Taste, Milly Hilton, Hunter Block, Stuart Buckland, Marc Hershon, Hannah Woodhall, The All-Seeing Guys, Bill Heywatt and Charlie Finnegan.


Davian celebrates two months free from booze with a handful of tramadol, and fuck knows what or how much Kat has drunk... In this feast of airtight buffoonary the not-so-dynamic duo take a running jump at crap local councils, arsehole neighbours and badly aimed pissing. Also included is the first episode of "My Wife Is Drunk", by Dr Dick Discipline and Eric from the In Poor Taste podcast.