Ep 79: Greg runs a Marathon

Ep 79.jpg

Welcome to episode 79 of The All Seeing Guys and it's a special one! Greg and Joe head North to the Lake District with the whole gang Ed, Sarah, Lizzie and Indiana. We catch up with two of our friends Dan and Stuart and spend a few days loving Lake Windermere.

The reason we are at Lake Windermere? Greg and Dan are running the Lake Windermere Marathon. Joe takes control of the Zoom Mic and chats to Greg before and after the run. Joe and the gang also fill in the gaps as Greg and Dan are busy running 26.2 miles by chatting and encouraging the other runners in their own special way.

A really fun and unique episode of the show, one you won't want to miss.

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Ep 78: Tuna Boll*cks

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Welcome to episode 78 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast. after a busy couple of episodes Greg and Joe just sit down see where the conversation takes them. The sun was out and with it brings the idea of sweaty tuna balls, Greg share's two recents events that occurred to him including losing his wallet and getting caught short while out on a run. We talk Kayne West, Jim Carrey, look at some funny recent news stories and of course go in on a fun agony aunt at the end.

Ep 77: All Listening Mix

Ep 77.jpg

Welcome to a special episode of The All Seeing Guys, we talk independent music, our experience when we were making music, the amazing local bands we met and got to perform with, the awesome bands still killing today and we play some pretty awesome tracks throughout the episode. With music from Textal, Methodical, Devour Ballads, High Frequency, AnyWhoMusic, Resuscitators, Dicerollers and TAU. It's a great mix of tunes and a fun episode. This episode is brought to by Sudio. Currently, the headphones market can offer you one of two things: style or tech. Fashionable headphones tend to lack the proper sound quality, and high-tech variations are bulky and not design oriented. Sudio want to bridge that gap. While emphasising their modern, Scandinavian design. Use the discount code ALLSEEING to receive 15% off any purchase goo.gl/amiUvA

Ep 76: Where the mash potatoes at? with Rhys Welchman

Ep 76 Where's the mash potatoes at?.jpg

Welcome to episode 76 of The All Seeing Guys. We dive straight into Geezedropping & looking at some of the hilarious answers we received from our ‘Greg & Joes incest talk ruined my....’ predictive text game. This episode is somewhat different as we accidentally slip into a chat show style format when we sat down with our good friend Rhys Welchman, who works at The Fighting Cocks, is one of Kingston’s finest sound techs & producers and we talk what it was like coming here from America, differences between UK & US KFC, building a life in a new country, people who walk around loudly talking into their phones on speaker, going to the sexual health clinic & much more This easily could of gone on to be two episodes long but time was against us so we wrap up this an incest based agony aunt. A lot of fun with a touch of thoughtfulness in this one. Enjoy

Ep 75: Saturday Night Taken Away

Ep 75.jpg

Welcome to episode 75 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. This week Greg and Joe put themselves forward to fill in for hosting Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway as one of them is in a spot of bother, not sure which, they are both one person to us. We talk Charlotte Church for some reason then do a special edition of Geezedropping with two stories sent in by listeners which are hilarious and involves our new hero who we only know as 'Finger Toes'. We bring you the news and winners of the 6th British Kebab Awards. The Star Wars opening crawl of Return of the Jedi gets the Wankerty Wank treatment and an innocent Grab a Granny night turns into agony aunt where even we struggle to give advice... but it doesn't stop us trying.

We also have a special extra mini episode at the end which never came to be...


Ep 74.jpg

Welcome to episode 74 of The All Seeing Guys and we are once again joined by our swiss army knife, Ed Wooderson. I won't lie, this episode spirals to some pretty odd places. From Sex Dolls, Facebook friends, Cyclists, and many more wonderful enlightening topics. With our segments Geezedropping, Bee in the bonnet & you didn't ask for our advice but here it is anyway it's a hell of an episode. Hope your brain is ready for it, ours weren't


Ep 73.jpg

Welcome to episode 73 of The All seeing Guys. This week, we really go with the flow, chatting sh*t, talk Cloverfield Paradox and Get Out looking at random news stories such as the KFC Chicken drama, a Russian family working with the police to fake their own murders after finding out their son had hired a hitman to kill them and we look at day 37 of #poowatch. We also dive into The Flat Earth and the new conspiracy to be building momentum.... The Hollow Earth, where Hitler lives. Greg drops a list of weird awesome jobs that bring a big pay check and we get into some honest conversation with our own special brand of humour. A real fun, mixed bag of an episode, so clear your head and let us fill it with nonsense.


Ep 72.jpg

We give our regular 'Agony aunt' and 'Geezedropping' segements a rest and dust off some old favs. Starting with 'Bee in our Bonnet', we talk people with no common sense on the bus, places that stack Sunday Roasts on a plate like it's Jenga, then jump into a 'Tuck it in' special.

We dive deep into bad pub reviews from our home town, Kingston upon Thames, we don't name and shame, in fact we are big fans of the pubs in Kingston and if anything we look at these one star reviews and discuss wether they need to tuck it in or not, and we have a lot of fun doing so.  We wrap up with 'Wankerty W*nk' where a speech from 'Fight Club' gets the Porn MD treatment. 

It's episodes like this that remind us why we love doing The All Seeing Guys so much.


Ep 71.jpg

Welcome to episode 71 of The All Seeing Guys. This episode we are joined by Gregs just turned Eighteen year old Godson, Rhys Davies. Our youngest ever guest brings a fresh perspective to our angry point of view on modern living as we dive into a few bizarre news stories. From fetishes, penis bleaching, people eating Tide laundry detergent to sex worker injuries and much more. We go in and let the conversation grab us by the wrists and drag us down some dark back streets. It's a real fun episode and Rhys fits in perfect as a third host rather than a guest. We end with a new track from Greg and Joes hiphop alter egos... Dicerollers.


Ep 70.jpg

Welcome to episode 70 of the All Seeing Guys. New location as we record our first episode in Joes new flat, a couple of mic set up attempts later and we are ready to go.  Greg and Joe talk hand shake techniques, look over the high, lows and the strange events of the dramatic year that was 2017, including the top TV shows, movies and of course... the 2017 celebrity death list.  It goes without saying that of course we spin off into much more madness. Enjoy.


Ep 69.jpg

From illness to injury, Greg and Joe are in no fit state to podcast, which actually makes it the perfect state to podcast in. Welcome to episode 69 of The All Seeing Guys. Things kick off pretty quickly as we fall into the made up world of 'Philip and his dog housemate, Stephen'. Joe shares a few moans about being ill, Greg talks about his trip to hospital, we give a mini belated review of Justice League then chime in on the upcoming Royal Wedding which of course takes us in a Monarchy based direction.... I'm sure things are said that shouldn't be.  We end the episode with a banger from Kingston heroes, RUMPSTEPPERS.



In a fun back to basics episode of the All Seeing Guys, Greg and Joe sit down after a few intoxications and let their imaginations run wild and pitch original movie ideas to one another, from the Government hiring illusionists to fake the rapture to Bruce Willis being sacked from acting when suddenly terrorists attack the building then we go in on movie talk in general, but a pop culture podcast this isn't. We start with Geezedropping and end with 'Show Joe sh*t' where we watch the Pacific Rim 2 trailer. Of course, as always, we get side tracked along the way.


Ep 67.jpg

Welcome to The All Seeing Guys Podcast. We had been bulk recording episodes to free up some time for ourselves. This episode is the first one recorded after our break... and trust us, A LOT HAS HAPPENED. Join us for a very drunk episode 67 where Greg and Joe get straight back to it, talk times they volunteered for market research, catch up with the recent changes and Greg talks child birth (he has stories), the arrival of little baby Indiana, but of course, being this podcast, the Nativity is isn't. We also talk about and end with a track from Kingston upon Thames newest heroes.... Swearwolves. A real fun, eye opening and very drunk episode.




Welcome to a special episode of The All Seeing Guys where we do our first cop out... kinda. Greg and Joe still host the show and start with the eavesdropping segement, Geezedropping! Then we share un-heard clips, from outtakes, cut audio from previous episodes, clips from episodes we never released including one we recorded sat outside on a sunny day. It's a lot of fun featuring a whole stack of guests including Calum James Wright, Chris Fordrey, Jack Webber, Harry Bone, Ed Wooderson, Eloise Tranter, Ben Monopoli and Elizabeth Armstrong. At the end of the episode is a special extra, a mini episode hosted drunkenly by Jack and Joe who are sat at the spot (a wall by a car park in Kingston) eating a kebab in the early hours of the morning talking about... well, lets just say they are talking.



Welcome to episode 65 of The All Seeing Guys. The 65th episode feels like a bit of a milestone for us so we celebrate by going unplanned once more, but to help us along is our reliant robin, our rock, our ocean, our swiss army knife.... Ed!  We discuss Sean Bean deaths, Nic Cage, a sex festival, R Kelly, Battlefield 1, Teachers and much more. Our main topics feature around a couple of completely made up thoughts from Greg's weird head. We riff about a 'what if' when you die, you are given a book in the afterlife with all the useless stats from your life? what would you look up? Greg then angers Joe and Ed with a ridiculous restaurant idea. It's one of the most pointless, irate, outrageous but hilarious debates we have ever had in an episode.


Episode 64.jpg

Welcome to episode 64 of the All Seeing Guys, the guys talk Linkin Park, Jimmy Savile, Jim Bowen & Stephen Merchant for some reason.  

Then Greg and Joe sit down and look at some of the sh*te in the newspaper, Greg drops a big reveal about his school history projects which of course sparks a ridiculous conversation, as the guys go off on one about 'what if they went back to school'. Then they get real on retail. A very much 'off the cuff' episode with plenty of random moments and laughs. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.22.45.png

It's finally here! Our radio play, Ritz Cricker and Dick Disturbance: Rise Of The Moonwalkers. This is a special episode featuring the radio play along with an intro and outro from The All Seeing GuysWe have been working on this radio play for well over a year, from drafting ideas, story lines, characters, to writing, performing, recording and producing it. A huge amount of time & effort went into this & we are proud with the result. We will release the play on it's own for anyone to listen who doesn't wish to hear this whole episode. For our usual listeners, this episode has the full play in it, along with an intro and outro from Greg and Joe giving you a deeper insight into the madness that lead us here.  A huge thanks to everyone who has helped us with this, our listeners for encouraging us to make this, and to our awesome friends for lending their voices, thanks Jack Webber, Ben Monopoli and Elizabeth Armstrong. A sequel is already being written, so plenty of chances for you to appear in the next one. So wack on your headphones, turn off your brain & switch to disbelief mode. It's going to get weird.


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 21.07.43.png

This episode starts as one thing but Joe really pushes for us to talk about weddings. So join us as share funny stories from weddings we attended from drunken mishaps to the speeches.  Joe also watches a Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 & even watches an episode of Game Of Thrones. He liked one, hated the other.  Join The All Seeing Guys as a planned episode quickly turns into unplanned madness.



Welcome to episode 61 of The All Seeing Guys and it's a special one! Greg & Joe are joined by Gaz & Sam from the Open All Powers Podcast over the Skype waves to go totally Unplanned! The guys talk some recent movie news including Fast & Furious, Ready Player One & Liam Neeson retiring from action movies.   We talk a lot about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson & his endless movie franchise crashing & pitch a possible role in Coronation Street for him, parkour, Red Dwarf & much more! That's the badger!  Along with our segments Geezedropping & a Wankerty Wank double as Gaz & Sam and Greg & Joe take a movie speech each with the Porn twist! It's a real fun episode & we were so glad to finally record this cross over episode with Open All Powers


Ep 60 I want to believe kinda.jpg

Welcome to episode 60 of The All Seeing Guys, the truth maybe out there, but it certainly isn't here as Greg & Joe grab their high powered flash lights walk in to the world of the Paranormal (cue The X Files theme). They explore Aliens, Ghosts, Creatures & take a trip to Hell itself. From Planet Nibriu, Lizard man, Big Foot to Frozen Alien mummies, we got it covered. Do we believe? Are we convinced? Do we even really care?