Ep 110: It Couldn't Be You (The Lottery Winners Curse)

Ep 110.png

Welcome to episode 110 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe.

As always we kick off with our 'Geezedropping' segment where we share snippets of conversations overheard by strangers while out and about. Then we jump into the world of UK Lottery Winners who were affected by the 'Winners Curse'. Our thoughts and experiences with playing the Lottery and gambling in general. An odd story involving a couple who married on their first date and the new husband, Lee, moved in with her and her two exes... also named Lee.

It was late and hot while recording, we were feeling it a little, so we went out. That's right, we grabbed the Zoom mic, a can of rum each and went for a walk outside to cool off and finish the podcast. 

It was fun... although Joe was attacked by every insect out there.