Greg & Joe aka 'The All Seeing Guys' taking on the world we live in. Well, some one has speak up in this big dumb world. We haven't studied journalism, or have any experience in what we are doing, didn't even go uni, we are both just two guys, who work in retail & have done for years, so seen a hell of lot of strange & wonderful things, we like a beer at pub & chatting shit. After joking about it for years we decided to just go for it. Make a podcast, share our opinions, stories & hear yours, and of course, have a fucking laugh doing it, so crack open a beer, pour a glass of rum, light a zute, switch on or switch off, just listen & laugh. The All Seeing Guys have got you. Drop us an email at:

Welcome to episode 37 & Kingston upon Thames Town Ambassador Moses lives! we share our love for Danny Dyer, his tweets, movies & TV shows where of course conversation turns other topics such as an Earthworm Jim porno. Joe doesn't care about movies like Greg does & gives no f*cks about upcoming films. So to gauge Joes judgemental reactions Greg shows him the following trailers John Wick 2, Justice League, where Joe expresses his opinion of Aquaman, Army Of One, Rings & Doctor Strange. Along with some agony aunts, will one be a problem of incest? Maybe?... we know the answer is yes. 

Playing us out is Earthtide with 'Saragossa Speedway' taken from their new ep 'Live, Loud & Loaded'


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