SPACE PENGUIN ARMADA! Now I have you're attention, welcome to a bit about Georgie Vee and Dougie Cee. One day people in the not so distant past we thought we were funny and then extraordinarily when other humans agreed we decided to believe and created this show so you can all witness the failure (:P).

We will be covering all the most important topics like - Porridge, Underwear, Movies, Immortal chickens, Computer Games, Smashing Trolls in the face with a baseball bat full of nails and much much more. We also want your ideas for episode so we don't keep going off on the most random of tangents... although i do want to know how a Army of robo-ninja monkeys could take over the world...

So send your episode ideas to or tweet them to @GVeeAndDCee.



HATEFUL HUMOROUS HONOURIFIC HIPPOS ! Time for another episode of Georgie Vee and Dougie Cee! In today's episode we talk about the cult of celebrity and what it means to us, ridicule them and more nonsense. Once again your hosts chat away about complete and utter bollocks, so listen and enjoy - hope you'll be listening next time...