Another week, another CheapShow and this one may peak too early... We blame Paul's story about a "Birthday Cocaine Guinness World Record Attempt" that we're pretty sure is utter lies. Also, once again, we apologise for the title of this week's episode. It makes sense when you hear it, promise guv'nor! What else can you expect? Well, it's the third and final part of our "care package" trilogy... that wasn't meant to be a trilogy thing at all. This week, the package has some glorious culinary highs as well as a few repulsive, barely edible lows. To cap it all off, we present the worst song to feature on Silverman's Platter (possibly - there has been a lot of rubbish in the past)


We had no choice. We had to call the episode this. Blame Eli. It will all make sense. Outside of that embarrassment, it's business as ever. Well, that and it's Paul's birthday! Which Eli has already managed to ruin. This week, we dive into another care package from the USA which is packed with delightful candy and unusual truck stop snacks. The only worry is if Paul ODs on sugar. There is also a return to "Paul's Page Turners" that gives Gannon the chance to talk about a few charity shop bought books. Want to know what Paul and Eli think of Richard Osman's "World Cup of Everything"? Desperate to get a super quick whistle stop tour of the Satanic Panic of the 1970/80s? Dive right in, buddy!


The economy podcast attempts this week to give you a classic Price of Shite (No Stings Attached Edition) as well as a deep dive into Eli's box of Trader Joe goods... Sadly, you get a whole feast of loud, sweary and maddening interruptions and diversions instead. Teen Yeti and Adolescent Sasquatch turn up the heat in their rivalry, Paul begins to wonder if Eli is losing his grip on reality and Eli declares himself an infallible Content Monkey. So Paul may have a point! Somehow, they manage to get the through the show without killing each other. Just, but only just!


It's once again time to "Hit The Moog" with another musically packed episode of CheapShow. This week, Paul and Eli focus on clearing out the backlog of Silverman's Platter to deliver more weird and wonderful musical oddities directly into your ears. We travel from the world of Moog synthesizers to retro 70s orchestral arrangements via a trip to the moon with "Mr Astronaut". There is also look into what happens when UK radio personalities decides they want to release a pop hit. The results are actually pretty painful! Poor Simon Groom.

Be warned, Eli is running on empty this week and Paul just simply wants to sing about sailors!


It's come to our attention that Paul has been "acting out" of late. His violent outburst have brought a dark cloud over this delicious economy comedy podcast and things have to change. With that in mind, let's see what happens when Eli is allowed to do whatever he wants. Paul just needs to count to 10. In a worst case scenario, he's allowed to sing and maybe even create a new character or two. Frankly, the violent outbursts may be preferable. This week Eli and Paul agree to dive back into the League of Snacks to review some overlooked "classics" (apparently) and there is a "Price of Shite VS" competition that gets waylaid by a unnecessary number of new characters.


Special Guest: Stuart Ashen.

This week Tat Lord and YouTube botherer Stuart "Ashens" Ashen finally agrees to rejoin the CheapShow chaps for another edition of the economy comedy podcast. To celebrate, Paul and Eli pull out all the stops and gift him with something both delightful and painful. Merry yet depressing. Random yet straight laced. Yes, we are granting Stuart the gift of "Derek: The Storyteller from HELL!" This story may be the most anti-climatic yet! But don't think for a minute that Stuart gets all the fun stuff. No, we found a bargain board game called "What's That Smell?"... And some of those smells are NOT nice. At all. Hold tight!


There was no way in hell that Paul and Eli intended to talk about naff 80s novelty band "Black Lace" for any longer than 5 minutes or so... 35 minutes later and they are still forensically trying to figure out what the point of Black Lace is. We may never know. Elsewhere in the Land of the Platters, we finally get a second dose of Russ Abbott with songs taken from his Manhouse TV vinyl... Which may not be as painful as you think! The cheap chaps also take a trip to the far future to visit Granny Thought 3000 in the FrothShop of the Future... and ultimately decide to maybe stop doing random characters for a while.
Finally. Eli can't say the word "Floorboards"


CheapShow would like to apologize for this edition of everyone's favourite economy comedy podcast.
CheapShow would like to warn you about the contents of this week's show.
CheapShow suggests you skip this week's Tales from the Shop Floor.
CheapShow does not recommend eating this much hot sauce.

Finally, CheapShow ran out of things to do this week... So consulted the CheapShow Handbook.

What follows is what happens when CheapShow has no other options.
CheapShow is sorry for everything.


It's too hot to record in the festering House of Pickles this week, so the Cheap Chaps move next door to the slightly more pleasant House of Sausage and Eggs. Once there, the heat rises and tempers overflow, so expect the usual rants, meltdowns and overuse of the word "thwopage". The only way they can cool down is to take a trip to visit the Soda Jerk Man and try out some of his fizzy, frothy, cheap delights! Sadly, they are lukewarm. Which means more disaster for Eli and Paul and the deaths of some "beloved characters". Oh, and there's a quick Price of Shite BFG Edition too.
It's a fractured, heated and extra chunky episode of CheapShow.

136 - GOOD GAME!

Higher, higher? Lower, Lower? In this week's edition of CheapShow, Paul challenges Eli to an epic edition of "The Price of Shite" that will spin wildly out of control at various points and then limp to a finale. The usual. It's a special "Rank Me Off" edition that will involve the cheap chaps getting off on clicking sounds, exposing their dark truths, showing off their dark magic skills, pretending to chat each other up and having the job interview from hell. There may be a little bit of "wind warfare" too. To put it politely.
This show is never going to win an award, is it?

Oh, we also do cheap eats and get to celebrate a certain song and dance man... Bruce Forsythe. It should be a "good game!"? 


CheapShow apologises for the temporary malfunction and break down of Eli J Silverman, co-host on this very podcast. Although his faculties clear throughout the episode, it's important to note that Eli is still in early beta stages as a human. We hope this doesn't affect your enjoyment of this week's episode. Elsewhere in the show, we get a long overdue "Tales from the Shop Floor", some delightful confectionery donations to the Froth Shop, introduce a new (possibly problematic) character, have a quick discussion on American comedy, drink something that reminds them of a public toilet and uncover some very cool vinyl from Paul's recent trip to Los Angeles. Its frothy, man!


Grab your sunscreen, slap on your sunglasses and suck on an ice cream... We're going to the seaside! Welcome to the first ever "Office Day Trip To Brighton" and come along with Paul and Eli as they soak up the sun, the drink, the shops and the sea front. It's an epic episode, one packed with surprises, both delightful and horrific, as well as panic attacks, bathroom accidents, word salad and a quick stroll along the pier. What will they discover? What will they do? Why is Eli having a great day and not Paul? Strap in, it's going to be a proper Carry On... but with more knob gags and disappointment.


Special Guest: Ken Reid. Paul is fresh back from his trip to Los Angeles and has brought with him (not only) a bumper crop of American Cheap Eats, but also Boston-based stand up comedian, Ken Reid. Eli is treated to a kaleidoscope of flavour as he devours hot nuts, spicy sausage, chilli gummies, cheesy chips and gets an added Sauce Report in there too! Elsewhere in the show, Paul brings out the big guns for Gannon's Golden Games. After a long and hard search, Paul discovers The Crystal Maze board game, based on a famous 90s TV show, and pits Ken and Eli against each other in a crystal grabbing adventure through Industrial, Aztec, Medieval and Futuristic themed games. It's becomes a proper s***show! Follow us, Mumsie is awaiting you!


What mysteries lie in the infamous Crab Bucket? What surprises does it bestow? Frankly, not many. However it is just one of the delights featured in this week's "almost classic game play rules" edition of The Price of Shite. Elsewhere in the episode Paul and Eli delve in to the mucky history of London once again to discover about the lives of "Pure Finders" and how a few dodgy streets got their names. All in all, it's a pretty standard episode... apart from that one moment where we use time travel to right a very dirty wrong from CheapShow's history...


"Tingle-Lingle-Ling" Why, it's the sound of the Froth Shoppe doorbell ringing! So that must mean it's time to go back to the most special, most wonderful and most affordable sweet shop in Londro! It's a sweet tooth's dream this week and Paul and Eli dedicate a whole episode to fizzy delights, frothy surprises and fruity consumables. The cheap chaps revisit candy from their past, slurp down unusual drinks from today and even do a kind of "makeover" with things that looks good enough to eat... but probably shouldn't!
Warning: there is more singing that usual this week. We apologise.


It's time to raid the DVD/Blu-Ray Bargain Bins and hunt for a piece of cinematic art that can be bought for a few pounds or even pence. In a change to the usual madness, Eli and Paul decided to choose a cheap movie to watch, discuss it and, hopefully, have a bit of fun... What happens instead is that the very fabric of CheapShow itself was held under a terrible scrutiny and leads to a very real and very angry blow out when things spiral out of control. "But what movie was it?" you may ask! Why... "Keith Lemon: The Movie", of course! The podcast will never be the same again... Probably.

129 - RAPPIN'

It's another extra chunky economy comedy podcast, jam packed with gifts, gaffs and garbage. On this week's episode the cheap chaps explore a bit of comedy rapping when they uncover 4 odd vinyl selections on Silverman's Platter. They cover snot, stuttering, stand up routines and, err, Hitler... Which is lovely. Elsewhere, Paul flies back to the Country Urban Noodle Kitchen to see what's cooking and nearly crashes his magic carpet (!). So join us, for another "austerical" comedy podcast.


An impromptu recording session means that Paul and Eli find themselves thrown into the midst of a hastily arranged episode. How do they cope in the new exciting studio at Soho Radio? Will the passing London public look in and be bemused by every stupid face we pull? And will Eli cream his pants over a new online discovery? How about you find out in this week's episode. It's basically a double Price of Shite special.
Kinda. Almost. It will make sense when you hear it. Honestly.


This week, CheapShow HQ makes the following statement:
"Paul Gannon would like to formally apologize for his behaviour in this week's episode of CheapShow. Despite arranging a delightful trip to "flexi disc" land in Silverman's Platters and discovering a fun video game based board game... Paul sadly ruined it all. Ruined it because he decided to taste the "Green Wine".
Please do not drink what Paul drinks this week. And please don't try what you hear at home. We are trained unprofessionals.


CheapShow has often been described as a little bit "random", so let's go full on random by introducing a BRAND NEW FORMAT (that definitely isn't ripping off other similar ideas on YouTube)! Paul & Eli delicately introduce the "Random Craptor (Pick N Mix Edition)" this week in an effort to spice up the show. It really doesn't work. There are 8 mystery objects in a bag that will be randomly investigated based on the whim of the Spinning Wheel of Tat. Only five items will get to see the limelight, but which five? Suffice it to say, as a result, the cheap chaps will wrap their tongues around "Mr and Mrs Egg", taste a fizzy cola treat, slurp on Yogurt Jelly and go full on filthy with an explosive, bawdy finale... and there is an all new "Tales from the Dance Floor" too... Which is nice!