Jeremy is joined again by Dan Whitehead to discuss the 2003 black comedy drama Buffalo Soldiers, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Anna Paquin, Scott Glenn and Elizabeth McGovern, as part of a conversation that encompasses Bilkospotting, Corporal Bueller, extreme teenage rebellion, some American obsessions and a callback to a previous episode.



Jeremy is reunited with comics author and gaming expert Dan Whitehead to mull over 1993 sci-fantasy adventure Super Mario Bros, based on the popular video game series. Along the way, they take in such sights as Drain Man, Gloom Raider, the Cream of Scotland Yard and the game/film dynamic.

During the conversation, a couple of other projects that you can read about online were referenced. The script for the unproduced “last” Pink Panther film, Romance of the Pink Panther by Peter Sellers and Jim Moloney, can be read here, while the fan-produced sequel, Super Mario Brothers 2, can be read here.


Jeremy is joined by comics author and gaming journalist Dan Whitehead to tackle 1994 action adventure Street Fighter, very loosely based on the video game series and starring Jean-Claude van Damme and Raul Julia. Their discussion touches on the limits of yoga, electric frogs, the Last James Bond Film and international movie star Simon Callow.