069 - WATER

Jeremy is joined again by Anthony Malone to mull over the 1985 satirical comedy Water starring Michael Caine, Leonard Rossiter, Brenda Vaccaro, Valerie Perrine and Billy Connelly, as part of a discussion that covers such topics as the BBC Shakespeare, comic actor Salma Hayek, Bernard and the Genie and knockabout prankster George Harrison.

Included below are extracts from the fantastic soundtrack and the segment from the programme mentioned in the podcast, In at the Deep End, in which Paul Heiney gets acting lessons from a mercurial Oliver Reed.

067 - ALIEN3

Jeremy is joined by Anthony Malone once again to study 1992 sci-fi horror sequel Alien3, starring Sigourney Weaver and Charles Dance and directed by a debuting David Fincher, with a discussion that takes in Cats, The Corrs, astronaut pranks, Damon Lindelof's acting and the time Jeremy described the plot of Seven to his mother.

Included below for additional viewing enjoyment is the recent stage production of Alien: The Play, adapted and performed by the students of North Bergen High School, North Bergen, New Jersey, with an on-stage introduction by Sigourney Weaver.


Jeremy rounds up his choices for the best and worst films of the year, assisted by Chris Arnsby and Anthony Malone, the latter joining via written notes, as together they cover such subjects as the stage version of The Exorcist, the parallel between Freddie Mercury and Neil Armstrong, Jurassic World: The Lawsuit, the distance of history and exactly what Jeremy thinks of Ernest Cline.


Anthony Malone joins Jeremy to discuss 1967's epic comedy Play Time, starring, co-written and directed by Jacques Tati. As they dissect the film they immediately decide is a masterpiece, they also touch on Terry Gilliam, The Prisoner, Peep Show, architectural prophecy, silent farce and all the joy of the world.


Jeremy is joined by Anthony Malone for a discussion pertaining to John Carpenter's 1987 quantum horror Prince of Darkness, starring Donald Pleasance. Their conversation covers such matters as broken-down cars, academic dissertations, future sitcom stars and Joe Pesci impressions, while Anthony is tickled by the notion of an Erich von Daniken theme park and Jeremy is interrupted by an actual ghost.