046 & 047 - REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2017

Jeremy is joined by both Chris Arnsby and Antony Malone as they present their thoughts on the last year in movies. In the first part of this epic adventure, they tussle with Bananaman, stand-up comic David Bowie, all the Draculas and enjoy a libel that was cut before release.

Jeremy, Chris Arnsby and Antony Malone continue their journey through the last year in film, as Chris pursues a family vendetta, Jeremy insults Mexico and Antony is hypnotised by a French screen legend.

Below you can see a playlist of previous Best Film winners.

042 - PHASE IV

Jeremy and writer Antony Malone think small for the 1973 sci-fi drama Phase IV, with a conversation that touches on Scarlett Johansson, Westworld, Will Self, Charles Laughton and Darren Aronofsky.

Some additional data resides below, including the piece of music featured in both the movie and Doctor Who, the extended ending and an insight into Bass's other design work. Here is a link where the official soundtrack can be streamed via SoundCloud, and the film can be watched through Netflix here.