Jeremy and Chris Arnsby take a long jump into left field for Werner Herzog's 1970 satirical fantasia Even Dwarfs Started Small, taking in crucified monkeys, hypnotised chickens and drowned rats on the way.

As well as the usual trailer and product links below, enjoy some highlights from Herzog's bizarre career.

046 & 047 - REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2017

Jeremy is joined by both Chris Arnsby and Antony Malone as they present their thoughts on the last year in movies. In the first part of this epic adventure, they tussle with Bananaman, stand-up comic David Bowie, all the Draculas and enjoy a libel that was cut before release.

Jeremy, Chris Arnsby and Antony Malone continue their journey through the last year in film, as Chris pursues a family vendetta, Jeremy insults Mexico and Antony is hypnotised by a French screen legend.

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Jeremy and Chris Arnsby chase the sun to The Beach, the 2000 adventure drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Danny Boyle, based on the novel by Alex Garland. Their  journey takes them past such topics as Strontium Dog, Tilda Swonton (sic), the Abbey Road webcam and Richard Briers.

Here is some information and art from the 2000 AD serialisation of A Life Less Ordinary - which really is real.


Jeremy and Chris Arnsby go where few have past ventured by exploring Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the 1989 science fiction adventure based on the television series and starring, co-written and directed by William Shatner. Along the way Jeremy recounts more of his overseas exploits, David Warner goes in the corner, Sean Connery makes terrible career choices and everyone wears SAS jumpers.

Available to view below is the camera test for the infamous "rock monster" sequence. Consider your own verdict.

043 - GERRY

Jeremy and Chris Arnsby voyage into the infinite emptiness of the desert to discover Gerry, the 2003 experimental drama directed by Gus van Sant and starring Casey Affleck and Matt Damon, as part of a discussion that covers Stephen King, European Vacation, The Goon Show and Ray Mears.

There's some addtional reading, with a contemporary interview with Van Sant here, and a more in-depth review is here.

042 - PHASE IV

Jeremy and writer Antony Malone think small for the 1973 sci-fi drama Phase IV, with a conversation that touches on Scarlett Johansson, Westworld, Will Self, Charles Laughton and Darren Aronofsky.

Some additional data resides below, including the piece of music featured in both the movie and Doctor Who, the extended ending and an insight into Bass's other design work. Here is a link where the official soundtrack can be streamed via SoundCloud, and the film can be watched through Netflix here.


Jeremy and Chris take a voyage into the screen for satirical 1993 blockbuster and celebrated flop Last Action Hero, with a chat that encompasses a wire-tapping scandal, endless Terminator sequels, Christopher Nolan on laughing gas and the World's Greatest Actor.

By way of further reading, here is a re-evaluation of the film via the AV Club, while here is the incomprehensible first draft, which Jeremy cites repeatedly during the podcast. Make of it what you can.



Jeremy is joined by Chris Arnsby for a festive discussion of 1974 Canadian horror classic Black Christmas, as part of a seasonal fireside chat including such topics of interest including Sir David Cronenberg, piano crime, The Laughing Policeman and trying to get Jeremy's mum to watch Dawn of the Dead.


Jeremy is joined by Ed Bloomer to discuss Stanley Kubrick's last film Eyes Wide Shut, with digressions reaching such subjects as Hawkins Bazaar, the colour of bedclothes, the jigsaw theory of audience engagement and the Secret Ruler of the World.



Jeremy is brought out of his six-month hibernation by Chris Arnsby in time for this mini-episode, which precedes a new run of Cinema Limbo from next week. In the meantime, Jeremy explains where he's been, pitches the next Bond film and reviews the Godfather Trilogy, while Chris bemoans listmakers' obsession with death.


Ed Bloomer returns to help Jeremy discuss the 2010 science fantasy sequel TRON Legacy, with a heated discussion that takes in subjects including two-minute dancing, anti-helmet bias and David Frost.

Here's an article about the unproduced third TRON film, from an interview with director Joseph Kosinski from March this year.

And here's the article offering a counter-argument to the film's politics regarding the freedom of information.


030 - THE 2016 REVIEW

Jeremy returns for a new year and is joined by Chris Arnsby for a review of the last year's new releases. Listen in to discover the secret genius of Dan Brown, the importance of good diction, which film only Chris saw and find out what Jeremy sounds like when he's really cross.

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