Board Games & Tabletop: Pawel has insisted on having his annual RPG slot, so we let him talk about the latest edition of Legend of the Five Rings by Fantasy Flight for a good chunk. Next up is the proper gaming section for proper people, where we enjoy the new deckbuilder Hand of Fate: Ordeals by Hand & Make, which is based on the video game of playing a deadly game of card-based adventure against the Dealer. Finally, Chris and Euan have gone back to a classic as they introduced a new board gamer to the archaeological fun that is Thebes by Queen Games, with its interesting time-spending mechanic. Gotta dig up the dirt! Enjoy!

Legend of the Five Rings (04:49)

Hand of Fate: Ordeals (25:36)

Thebes (45:04)

This episode hosted by Chris Hanratty, Euan Glasgow, and Pawel Daruk

Music by the hosts, with Jokin Etxeberria

This episode recorded and produced by Chris Hanratty

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