It's the final tabletop episode before the Episode 100 Special! This week, we give Pawel more reasons to never play RPGs with the rest of us, before letting him delve into his latest Kickstarter acquisition Deep Madness, a co-op sci-fi board game with a Lovecraftian twist. We then have some fun by revisiting a couple of older games, the robot-programming chaos of RoboRally, and the co-operative superhero card game Sentinels of the Multiverse. Enjoy! (Your loincloth has perished.)

Deep Madness (09:43)

RoboRally (35:33)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (51:56)

Hosted by Chris Hanratty, Euan Glasgow, Pawel Daruk, and Dave McCreary

Music by Euan Glasgow

This episode recorded and edited by Chris Hanratty and Dave McCreary


Chris, Euan and Dave talk video games this week! Skyrim VR is the big new release for PSVR and Chris has a great time punching people and filling them with 10 arrows every second; Dave has a very specific reason for playing time-stopping sci-fi game Heat Signature; Chris attempts to make a successful software company in Software Inc; and Euan and Chris have a quick chat about the new Playlink feature on PS4, having had a bit of a larf with That's You!. Enjoy!

Skyrim VR: 01:20

Heat Signature: 22:16

Software, Inc: 37:35

That's You!: 51:33


Chris and Euan are on their lonesome for this week's board games episode, which covers a couple of games that they've enjoyed for a few years now, starting with Mage Wars, a deckbuilding mage-battling game with a huge difference in that all your cards and abilities are available to you from the off. They then go back to Xia: Legends of a Drift System, the sci-fi sandbox game of customisable ships battering around a dangerous galaxy, and have a look at the new expansion for it, Embers of a Forsaken Star, and all the delights that it adds. Enjoy!

Mage Wars: 2:33

Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star: 29:47


Video Games: This week, Chris and Euan return to Farpoint, the PSVR sci-fi shooter, getting a bit more into the story side of things and the new stuff they're encountering. Pawel interjects with a segment on the Battletech Closed Beta, an upcoming turn-based strategy game in which squads of giant mechs blow each other to bits, and based on the tabletop game of the same name. Finally, Chris and Euan get back to PSVR with a look at the latest big release, Star Trek Bridge Crew, the immensely fun, nerdy, co-op starship simulator set in the rebooted Star Trek universe. This episode also features some chat about the future of PSVR and what they think the platform needs, and also Euan getting angry about films. Enjoy!

Farpoint: 1:51

Battletech: 18:06

Star Trek Bridge Crew: 32:49


After a short hiatus, Chris, Euan and Pawel are back with another video games episode! Pawel sweats through an attempt at a TOTALLY UNBIASED review of Mass Effect Andromeda, which quickly turns into a long discussion about the Mass Effect series in general, while Chris and Euan talk about Disc Jam, the weirdly fun volleyball/frisbee hybrid sports game. Chris also manages to squeeze in The Wild Eight, a story-driven survival game with a twist which he is finding strangely addictive. Enjoy!


Chris and Euan are here to introduce a board games episode to your ears!

The episode starts off with a chat about New Angeles, Fantasy Flight's latest installment for their Android Universe, in which the players are corporations trying to make the most money while also working together to stop the city from descending into chaos. Damage Report is next up, a real-time sci-fi disaster game set on a spaceship on which everything is going wrong, and the lads finish up with a return to Food Chain Magnate, a game of trying to make profits by creating complex management structures for your chain of restaurants in what appears to be 1950s America.