Welcome to episode 86 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. As always we kick off with our 'what you overheard recently' segment 'Geezedropping'. Then we dive into the world of recent weird news, from a a abusive tweet that landed someone in hot water with NASA, we look at a recent study on regrettable tattoos and meet a woman who is in a loving relationship and is ready to take the next step and have a baby with him.... by the way, 'him' is a ghost, Joe gets angry about the whole thing.

We discuss who would win in a fight, Oprah or Whoopi the round things off with an agony aunt. We also play the trailer to our upcoming radio play 'Time Vagina' which is the sequel to our last radio play 'Ritz Cricker and Dick Disturbance:Rise of The Moonwalkers'. Enjoy