Well, well, well. What DIDN'T happen this episode??

We didn't NOT talk about Simon Feilder's appearance in the classic sit-com Friends, neither did we not talk about Tom Webster's appearance on Blue Peter.

We certainly didn't forget to explore what happens in the REAL London Underground, nor did we fail to discuss Amy Winehouse's jazz credentials.

Other things that didn't happen were refraining to have a rap battle in a hot-tub, forgetting to teach you about baby safety, NOT going on a guided tour of Nazi Germany or a lack of seeing how a teenage Talal was a mere haunting away from being a goth.

Confusing enough?

Enjoy! xx

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Wicked cool stand-up, actor and ridiculously talented napalm Catherine wheel of comedy Simon Feilder steps into the studio with returning guest Tom Webster (from The RH Experience), his bottomless pit of awesome characters and his innate ability to find the emotional heart of every scene. Alex Sievewright is also there. Obviously, the whole shebang is hosted by this wicked cool dude called Talal Karkouti. Today's show is sponsored by Sleep.

And remember: Whether you're a waffle, donut, the Bakerloo Line, one of Adam Buxton's jingles, a horribly polluted river, your mum, your dad pretending to be your mum, an angsty teenager, Batman or a woman who think's she's called Susan, we're all just pancakes, man. Oh. And we have a new segment. It's brilliant. For now... Enjoy xx

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