This is it - it's officially been two years since we launched our little passion project: this podcast! To celebrate, we invited a bunch of wonderful, delightful and fantastic people onto the show to discuss a broad range of topics and celebrate unbridled enthusiasm.

We discuss Project Superpowers, Nimona with the spectacular Spenser Starke, Mortal Engines and Generation X.

Do I hear you clamouring for more?

Did you think we couldn't fit any more into an episode. How dare you. We managed to wrangle the tremendous three:

    Eni talking about Dark Souls
    LeahIsDudish talking about Brooklyn 99
    Josh (aka @abangpinoy) talking about Love, Simon

Thank you so much to all of you that have stuck around for this long and we look forward to spending the next two years with all of you (but then that's it).

Just kidding - you're never getting rid of us

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