Just as we were recording this episode, a girl in our sorority decided to get a perm. We tried to talk her out of it because curls weren't a good look for her, but she went ahead and did it anyway. When she entered the wet t-shirt contest, she was completely hosed down, lost all of her curls and then we all decided to sit down and watch Legally Blonde.

In this episode, we talk about the brazen nature of 2000s fashion, the wishy-washy nature of LGBT acceptance and debate whether the "romcom" is suitably named.

What? Like, it’s hard?


We begin 2018 with a discussion of the film that brought time-travel into the public consciousness: Back to the Future.

We talk the foundations of the character relationships, the prescience of Biff Tannen, ask the question "How camp is too camp?" and much, much more.

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