Video Games: This week, Dave and Pawel have an argument about the gameplay mechanics in the Resident Evil 2 remake (or is it a remix?), although Pawel doesn't really mind about Dave's opinions because he's actually fallen in love with roguelite adventure game Sunless Skies. Chris has been getting sweaty in VR with Beat Saber, and has wound down by tending to his cemetery in the wacky Harvest Moon-esque game Graveyard Keeper. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 2 (01:24)

Sunless Skies (29:30)

Beat Saber (44:50)

Graveyard Keeper (51:43)

This episode hosted by Chris Hanratty, Pawel Daruk, and Dave McCreary Music by the hosts, with Jokin Etxeberria

This episode recorded and produced by Chris Hanratty