This week we have an episode rammed with board games, as Chris, Dave and Euan attended the ticket launch party for Tabletop Scotland 2019 and played a few little gems there! There's Klask, a dexterity game of magnets and scoring goals; Evil Overlord, a short but utterly chaotic card game of set collection; Skull, the simple but elegant bluffing game; Rhino Hero: Super Battle, a dexterity game of building a cardboard tower and having your superhero ascend it; and Walk the Plank, a short take-that card game with a programming twist! Finally, Chris and Dave talk about their recent experience at Red Dice Games, where they managed to get a play of New Frontiers, the latest in the Race for the Galaxy game family. Enjoy!

Tabletop Scotland ticket launch (01:48)

Klask (05:10)

Evil Overlord (12:04)

Skull (19:30)

Rhino Hero: Super Battle (31:08)

Walk the Plank! (41:35)

New Frontiers (46:50)

Tabletop Scotland website: https://tabletopscotland.co.uk (Note: Since this episode aired, Shades of Vengeance, the publishers of Evil Overlord, have informed us that the correct player count is 3-10, and the designer is Ed Jowett, with art by Sofia Michailidou and graphic design by Alexander Korchnev. Thanks for clearing this up guys!)

This episode hosted by Chris Hanratty, Euan Glasgow, and Dave McCreary

Music by the hosts, with Jokin Etxeberria This episode recorded and produced by Chris Hanratty