We've been gone too long in the midnight sea but 'My Classic Album' is back for a second season and we can't help but 'Stand Up and Shout' about our first episode!

Mike is joined by former Iron Maiden front man Blaze Bayley who brings with him one of the most celebrated metal albums of all time in Dio's debut 'Holy Diver'. Hear Blaze's incredible story from his days of working in a hotel listening to 'Holy Diver' to touring the world as part of Iron Maiden with Ronnie James Dio in tow! Mike and Blaze also talk about the story of how Ronnie went from leaving Black Sabbath, to recording a debut with the likes of Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell that would be remembered and beloved by metal fans for years to come.

How did Vinny Appice achieve the iconic drum sound on the album?

Who recorded Blaze's favourite cover version of 'Stand Up and Shout'?

Which song on 'Holy Diver' nearly didn't make the album as Ronnie James Dio was intent on destroying the tape? 

All this and more will be revealed on this episode of 'My Classic Album'.

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Music Credit: 'This Is Rock' by Silvia Marchese


Members of the Kiss Army unite for June's episode of 'My Classic Album' as Mike is joined by rock's next big thing Beth Blade (lead singer of Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters) to celebrate 'Hotter Than Hell'

Mike and Beth explore why Kiss are so criminally underrated outside of their fiercely loyal fanbase and why their 'difficult' second album may actually be one of their best.

How did the band feel about relocating to LA to record the album?

hich song did drummer Peter Criss love so much he threatened to quit the band if he didn't sing it?

What are Beth's thoughts on meeting Gene Simmons??

All this and more PLUS Mike discusses Iron Maiden's gig at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle as their 'Book of Souls' tour powers on!

All this and more on the latest episode of 'My Classic Album'.

For more information on the show:

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Music Credit: 'This Is Rock' by Silvia Marchese