Get ready for a "storytime" with a difference in this week's CheapShow. When YouTube channel Video Games Basement got in touch to offer up an unusual cassette tape from a mad relative containing a previously forgotten bedtime story, we simply HAD to listen. We soon regretted that decision. Discover along with Paul & Eli the true terror of The Brookside Tiger... If you are brave enough.

Oh, also, the cheap chaps taste test some hot sauces, get an exclusive "Tales from the Shop Floor" from internet sensation Ashens and sadly bump into Storytime Grandpa, much to Paul's disappointment. It's a packed show... Just don't say we didn't warn you...


Join Paul and Eli on a merry adventure as they travel to a part of Eli's childhood... Brent Cross Shopping Centre. What soon begins as a wistful journey soon descends into shouting, arguing in stores and attempting to make the best of a boring situation. However, a chance discovery leads to a very happy ending for Eli whilst Paul sees his worst fears realised. They're on the Road to Brent Cross, why not tag along?

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