Special Guests: Eggsy (from Goldie Lookin Chain)and Ash Frith.

It's time again for CheapShow to wander blindly into the world of the supernatural and pray they escape with their lives with a horror special!

This week, the boys overuse the spooky sound effects and ghostly music to bring you a show jam-packed with Halloween Goodness...

HOWL in despair as Paul rolls off more of his purifying puns!

SCREAM as Eli tells a tale of vampire seductresses!

GROAN with anguish with Ash Frith's tall tales of terror.

SHRIEK as our special guest, Eggsy (from that Welsh rap band you like) has to referee the world's whitest rap battle about Les Dennis.

GASP with surprise as The Hadron Gospel Hour podcast interrupts the show to save all the universes!

WHISPER in fear as Eli creates his own monster using Paul's face and £5 of horror make up.

WAIL with fear as Eli gets possessed by the spirit of another long dead 80's comedian.

CRY for your sins as all the lads chow down on a disgusting selection of "Trick R Treat" candy.

And SQUEAL until you pass out as Eli's Top 3 Horror Movies discussion comes to another verbally violent conclusion!

So turn out the lights, draw a candle close and pray that listening to our Halloween special is the only thing keeping you alive for one more night...