It's been a big old year for the CheapShow chaps, so they are going to celebrate Christmas in style... with an elaborate, no expense spared, all star Christmas office party... Which goes about as well as you think. Paul is drunk and rude, Eli is sober and angry and no matter how hard they try, they can't keep their "celebrity friends" for interfering. So pour a festive drink, relax and join the party. There's a bit of Chas N Dave, crackers to pull, food and drink to devour, presents to give and a finale which promises to be amazing... but ultimately isn’t. At all. Cue fights, rants and tears before bedtime!


It's the day before Xmas, and Paul and Eli have forgotten one small important thing... PRESENTS!

To right this wrong and make sure consumerism is returned to the heart of Christmas, the boys race out into the snowy London streets to look for that extra special gift!

In this dramatic/comedic/pathetic production, Paul and Eli will deal with owning a randy cat, discover how drunk Eli gets based on his biscuit choice, find a curious little shop full of odd nic-naks, dine with a family poorer than Tiny Tim' and eventually discover a demonic toy and a one way trip to the North Pole... They MAY even meet the real (YES REAL!) Santa Claus!

So let us amuse you this Xmas with a bit of CheapShow magic!