Hi folks, it’s Chuck Turtleman, your diligent and uncommonly attractive host.  Tonight we’re bringing you a very special episode of Idiots of Facebook!  In this show, we will cover the Holy Trinity of low IQ social media posters -Frank, Lisa, and Krystal Keith!  Much like the mass of these three, the bulk of the show’s focus is mostly on Frank, though.  We learn that Frank is unhappy with the supreme court ruling that gays can marry and he doesn’t want to live in a gay world, ok!  He also shares his feelings on those who block people on Facebook, lets us know that he really wants a lady, and finally gives us all a big scare!  Frank is considering closing his flower store on Facebook where he posts a beautiful flower photo every day (or at least a couple of times a week) for his bellas.  But don’t worry, Frank rigs the election so the Frankie’s Flower Shop and Old Times is still in business -just don’t expect the flowers to have names.  All this, a boatload of casual racism and homophobia and so much more… so stick it in your ears!