What’s up my honkies!  In this episode of Idiots of Facebook. We look at Lisa Beep-do’s new idea for a business, and it’s not just virtual gift baskets for your dead loved ones.  Then, we go into Friend Zone Frank and take a deeper look at the mystery of why he can’t find love, even in a large metropolitan city.  Then we move on to a serious issue.  It seems one of our listeners is unhappy about our coverage of the Cheeky Franks of the Week, suggesting maybe we are being irresponsible journalists by covering these.  Kind of like making anti heroes out of school shooters, only with fake Facebook accounts making fun of a fat bloke.  We ponder these issues deeply, until Frank posts next.  Then we bring you a whole slew of… Cheeky Franks of the Week!  Put it in your earholes.