Hi and Hello!  On episode 9 of the Idiots of Facebook podcast, we are going to continue to watch the saga of the 50 year old Italian children who think they are gangsters and the Facebook war they’ve waged.  Only this time, people who may or may not be listeners have made a fake Frank account.  Or ten.  We call them, Cheeky Franks of the Week!  And the best part about these cheeky Franks is, these people who aren’t fond of Frank think Frank is behind them… “as some kind of disguise.”  After that, we get to meet an all new idiot of Facebook, Leah Shameless!  We call her that because her name is Leah, and her last name rhymes with Shameless.  Well, almost rhymes.  Leah loves to post selfies that include cleavage, and her Facebook friends love them almost as much as she does.  Almost.  All this, Fake Frank as Fake Carl, a terminated pregnancy, and so much more.  So call an ambulance, grab your best selfie stick, and put us in your earholes.