Welcome to the Idiots of Facebook podcast!  In episode ten, we listen to the daughter of legendary actor Marlon Brando’s thoughts on the Oscars, catch up with Frank and Leah Shameless, and learn that one of the Idiots we have read for has passed away!  Lucky for us, this idiot’s friends didn’t and we do touching readings of their eulogies of the departed Facebook friend they never met in real life.  Don’t worry, we put the sad Hulk music behind it so you’ll know when to be sad.  Oh yeah, that’s not all!  Next, we meet Angelo!  He used to sing in the Puerto Rican boy band Menudeo.  Now he’s all grown up, and his popularity has gone nowhere but up.  Oh wait, that was supposed to be just “nowhere.”  Don’t worry though, he’s making a comeback by starting a Youtube channel where he records himself acting all sexy and singing over karaoke tracks!  He only has about a dozen fans so far, but boy are they stupid.  So we do dramatic readings of their messages to Angelo for your listening pleasure.  So pop in some fake blue contacts, put on your most ripped-up tank top, and stick us in your ears!