Ep 81 Foot Taco.jpg

Welcome to The All Seeing Guys Podcast episode 81! This week Greg brings a selection of fun and ridiculous news stories to the table for Joe to try and get his head round. We look at the guy who ate his foot with friends, a woman who's dream is to get to 50 stone in weight while her boyfriend funnel feeds her, a man who hasn't burped in 34 years, discuss farts that burn your bum and a lot more that I won't even list.

We of course, have our two segments, Geezedroping where we share overheard snippets from strangers and give unwanted agony aunt advice

Is that all? no, thats not all....We also end with some Dreamy/Psychedelic Pop from Irish musician, Eoghan Johnson Music of Petty Youth.


Episode 3 of The All Seeing Guys! This week Greg & Joe discuss Shit tomatoes growing on the train tracks, Day time drinking along with pub names, coffee drinkers in pubs, menstruation (watch us loose our female listeners if we have any) and much more... with our two segments at the end, Joes 'Corner of Fear' along with a new intro & of course 'You Didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway' where we answer agony aunt questions. This week we end with a track from local metal band The Red & The Black.

NOTICE: This episode was recorded a couple of weeks before being put out, the Australian podcast we mention at the start is a few more episodes in & can be found on here @this-shite