Ep 109: The Internet Has Been Weirder Than Usual Lately

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Welcome to episode 109 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe.

We catch up with some rather odd public displays we've witnessed recently before diving into our eavesdropping segment 'Geezedropping' when we share snippets of conversation heard by strangers while out and about. 

Then we dive into recent internet fads which have been doing the rounds, the old face generated photos from Face App which filled our feeds briefly replacing the 'Lets Storm Area 51' memes which we also discuss. A man in gimp suit lurking in the darkness of a sleepy Somerset village and a story which had quite the headline 'Grindr serial killer's drug dealer found guilty of Bond actors murder' and it all took place in Greg's ends, Chessington. 

We give Nickelback's 'How You Remind Me' the Wankerty Wank treatment with hilarious results and finish things off with a hot sauce sent to us from Earthtide drummer, Steve McGuigan which certainly hit the spot. 


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Episode 82 of The All Seeing Guys. We mix things up a little this week, giving Geezedropping a rest and kicking off with Wankerty Wank, Silence of the Lambs style. We talk about a woman who was in the news recently for drinking her dogs urine for 'health' reasons and we wish the story ended there but it really doesn't. 

Greg finally see's the film based on one of his favourite books, Ready Player One and has a few thoughts. Joe who isn't the comic book movie geek Greg is and hasn't seen the Marvel movies, takes it upon himself to explain Infinity War and more of the MCU from things he's simply read on the internet.... it's pretty funny.

We have many other random conversations and end as usual with giving some bad Agony Aunt advice. 


Ep 81 Foot Taco.jpg

Welcome to The All Seeing Guys Podcast episode 81! This week Greg brings a selection of fun and ridiculous news stories to the table for Joe to try and get his head round. We look at the guy who ate his foot with friends, a woman who's dream is to get to 50 stone in weight while her boyfriend funnel feeds her, a man who hasn't burped in 34 years, discuss farts that burn your bum and a lot more that I won't even list.

We of course, have our two segments, Geezedroping where we share overheard snippets from strangers and give unwanted agony aunt advice

Is that all? no, thats not all....We also end with some Dreamy/Psychedelic Pop from Irish musician, Eoghan Johnson Music of Petty Youth.


Ep 79.jpg

Welcome to episode 79 of The All Seeing Guys and it's a special one! Greg and Joe head North to the Lake District with the whole gang Ed, Sarah, Lizzie and Indiana. We catch up with two of our friends Dan and Stuart and spend a few days loving Lake Windermere.

The reason we are at Lake Windermere? Greg and Dan are running the Lake Windermere Marathon. Joe takes control of the Zoom Mic and chats to Greg before and after the run. Joe and the gang also fill in the gaps as Greg and Dan are busy running 26.2 miles by chatting and encouraging the other runners in their own special way.

A really fun and unique episode of the show, one you won't want to miss.

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Ep 74.jpg

Welcome to episode 74 of The All Seeing Guys and we are once again joined by our swiss army knife, Ed Wooderson. I won't lie, this episode spirals to some pretty odd places. From Sex Dolls, Facebook friends, Cyclists, and many more wonderful enlightening topics. With our segments Geezedropping, Bee in the bonnet & you didn't ask for our advice but here it is anyway it's a hell of an episode. Hope your brain is ready for it, ours weren't


Ep 73.jpg

Welcome to episode 73 of The All seeing Guys. This week, we really go with the flow, chatting sh*t, talk Cloverfield Paradox and Get Out looking at random news stories such as the KFC Chicken drama, a Russian family working with the police to fake their own murders after finding out their son had hired a hitman to kill them and we look at day 37 of #poowatch. We also dive into The Flat Earth and the new conspiracy to be building momentum.... The Hollow Earth, where Hitler lives. Greg drops a list of weird awesome jobs that bring a big pay check and we get into some honest conversation with our own special brand of humour. A real fun, mixed bag of an episode, so clear your head and let us fill it with nonsense.


Ep 71.jpg

Welcome to episode 71 of The All Seeing Guys. This episode we are joined by Gregs just turned Eighteen year old Godson, Rhys Davies. Our youngest ever guest brings a fresh perspective to our angry point of view on modern living as we dive into a few bizarre news stories. From fetishes, penis bleaching, people eating Tide laundry detergent to sex worker injuries and much more. We go in and let the conversation grab us by the wrists and drag us down some dark back streets. It's a real fun episode and Rhys fits in perfect as a third host rather than a guest. We end with a new track from Greg and Joes hiphop alter egos... Dicerollers.



In a fun back to basics episode of the All Seeing Guys, Greg and Joe sit down after a few intoxications and let their imaginations run wild and pitch original movie ideas to one another, from the Government hiring illusionists to fake the rapture to Bruce Willis being sacked from acting when suddenly terrorists attack the building then we go in on movie talk in general, but a pop culture podcast this isn't. We start with Geezedropping and end with 'Show Joe sh*t' where we watch the Pacific Rim 2 trailer. Of course, as always, we get side tracked along the way.


Ep 67.jpg

Welcome to The All Seeing Guys Podcast. We had been bulk recording episodes to free up some time for ourselves. This episode is the first one recorded after our break... and trust us, A LOT HAS HAPPENED. Join us for a very drunk episode 67 where Greg and Joe get straight back to it, talk times they volunteered for market research, catch up with the recent changes and Greg talks child birth (he has stories), the arrival of little baby Indiana, but of course, being this podcast, the Nativity is isn't. We also talk about and end with a track from Kingston upon Thames newest heroes.... Swearwolves. A real fun, eye opening and very drunk episode.




Welcome to a special episode of The All Seeing Guys where we do our first cop out... kinda. Greg and Joe still host the show and start with the eavesdropping segement, Geezedropping! Then we share un-heard clips, from outtakes, cut audio from previous episodes, clips from episodes we never released including one we recorded sat outside on a sunny day. It's a lot of fun featuring a whole stack of guests including Calum James Wright, Chris Fordrey, Jack Webber, Harry Bone, Ed Wooderson, Eloise Tranter, Ben Monopoli and Elizabeth Armstrong. At the end of the episode is a special extra, a mini episode hosted drunkenly by Jack and Joe who are sat at the spot (a wall by a car park in Kingston) eating a kebab in the early hours of the morning talking about... well, lets just say they are talking.



Welcome to episode 61 of The All Seeing Guys and it's a special one! Greg & Joe are joined by Gaz & Sam from the Open All Powers Podcast over the Skype waves to go totally Unplanned! The guys talk some recent movie news including Fast & Furious, Ready Player One & Liam Neeson retiring from action movies.   We talk a lot about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson & his endless movie franchise crashing & pitch a possible role in Coronation Street for him, parkour, Red Dwarf & much more! That's the badger!  Along with our segments Geezedropping & a Wankerty Wank double as Gaz & Sam and Greg & Joe take a movie speech each with the Porn twist! It's a real fun episode & we were so glad to finally record this cross over episode with Open All Powers


Ep 59 Captain Oblivious .jpg

Welcome to episode 59 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, this week the guys go unplanned & see where the conversation takes them & as expected it takes us to some weird places, mainly sharing stories of bizarre interactions we have had with strangers. Greg shares the story of when a stranger threw up on to his dick & some of the encounters he's had out on his runs, Joe pitches his new movie/TV show idea, a retirement home for super heroes & villains. The guys also invent the worlds most useless super hero.... Captain Oblivious.  Enjoy, its an odd one for sure but we had so much fun just letting our minds run free this episode.


Episode 58 of The All Seeing Guys, and it's about to get weird in a kinky sexual way. this episode Greg & Joe look at rather odd sexual stories, from landlord feet licking in exchange for free rent, a shotgun in vagina & one of them goes off... guess which? we also look at a great list of things guys have been caught trying to have sex with and lots more.   On top of all that we end with a 'show joe Shit' special where we drunkenly settle down to watch some of the new trailers that dropped from Comic Con (SDCC 2017) and Joe gives his thoughts, which we know aren't won't be 'I want to see that'.  Its a fun fast paced episode.  Enjoy


Welcome to episode 57 of The All Seeing Guys, this week Greg & Joe talk Gay TV for some reason, then jump into some recent bizarre news stories they have come across! News stories such as a guy searching for a personal assistant in a way that backfires, the new trend of astral projection sex & more. The guys pitch their family unfriendly animated movie idea about two sperm who go on huge adventure. Along with our segments Geezedropping where we hear snippets of other peoples conversations & dish our agony aunt advice in 'You didn't ask for t but here's our advice anyway'.  A real fun episode, enjoy!    Tuck it in.


Welcome again to a some what peculiar episode of The All Seeing Guys. Due to some geeky timey wimey stuff, the flashpoint paradox altered the timeline, Open All Powers Podcast is now hosted by Greg and Joe from The All Seeing Guys. And The All Seeing Guys is hosted by Sam and Gaz. It's a full on  takeover.  In this podswap event Gaz & Sam don't just walk a mile in Greg & Joes shoes but run a marathon. Join the guys they talk countryside etiquette, give you the low down on their hometown Oldham, in the wake of the fidget spinner they look back other school fads & much more. With your favourite segments Geezedropping, you didn't ask for it but ours advice anyway & The Matrix gets the Wankerty Wank treatment!    Be sure to get over to the Open All Powers iTunes or Soundcloud page to hear Greg & Joe hosted Open All Powers   Open-all-powers-podcast – Ep-143-no-dissemble-the-all-seeing-guys-takeover   itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ep-14…00389423408&mt=2


Welcome to Episode 54 of The All Seeing Guys & this is a special one as we celebrate the shows 2nd Birthday! So we have a few drinks and look back over some of our favourite past topics such as #cheekynandos #naughtyfrangos, incest, Town Ambassadors, Nic Cage & many of our segments including Geezedropping, Bee in the bonnet & The Lord of the Rings get the Wankery Wank treatment, Greg talks Las Vegas & so much more. it's jam packed episode so hit play/ download & enjoy


Welcome to episode 53 of The All Seeing Guys,  Remember last weeks sober episode? well, this isn't that. High on life & drunk on rum Greg & Joe talk Zac Efron playing Ted Bundy & other Disney stars playing serial killers, Watercress Beer & it's sexual powers, Greg tells the story about waking up in a strangers house after a night out & not being able to figure out how to leave, Joe tells a story revealing he knows another 'Greg', man spies on people in their homes for 17 years, public shitting, Worlds oldest man dies, the Simpsons, Frasier, Open All Powers Podcast & much more. We basically just have a very stoned conversation & see where it goes. spoilers, we invent a super hero called 'Backman'. All this, geezedropping, Agony Aunts & much more. Listen to the end for a few outtakes. Yes, it was that kind of episode.


Episode 50 is here & it's a special one! The Harry Bone Show! After his first guest appearance well over a year ago back in episode 15, countless listeners asked for his return & here it is. Harry is back, with Bonevengence. In this unplanned episode Greg & Joe are cast aside as Harry takes over the show, questioning our methods & exposing our podcasting secrets. We dive in on big topics & questions such as can you butter toast with a vigina? tough fighting talk, IPAs, Bishops, soap operas, marrying a robot, sex dolls & the cheese smuggling adventures of jimmy Maguire.  We end the track with a 'rap song' from Dicerollers.  This really is Harrys episode. You wanted him, you got him. Enjoy.


Before we drop episode 50 next week this is a BONUS episode looking back over all our previous episodes. Full of fun, foul & disgusting clips from the very beginning following the evolution of the show & many bottles of rum.  Featuring all our awesome guests Harry Bone, Jason Armstrong, Tom Snape, Ben Monopoli, Eloise Tranter, Caz Woolcocks, Ed Wooderson, Jack Webber, Elizabeth Armstrong Chris Fordrey, Calum James Wright & of course Jay & Tony from How To Write a Tune. So check out the number one podcast from Kingston upon Thames that is listened to all over the world, not heard us yet? or not sure where to start? What the show is like? or just fancy a laugh with Greg & Joe, then this episode is for you. For all you regular listeners, we have something new for you. We end the show with an exclusive first time play of the opening scene from our upcoming Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance detective radio play.  More than enough reasons to press play or hit download!  See you next week for episode 50!


Ep 49.jpg

Welcome to episode 49 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe, after a run of rum & guest heavy episodes we take a step back and have a chilled conversation about a man who puts fish up his bum, ok, it's not that chilled & we still have rum. We also look into the rise of Flat Earthers & really go into the belief behind The flat Earth, then we get side tracked, at one point we are discussing the evolution of DVD menus, the cancelled reality show 'Eden', #Plunge or #Gunge becomes a thing & Bill Pullmans Independence Day speech gets the Wankerty W*nk treatment.  We end with the awesome new track from The Brasskats, so plenty of reasons to listen!