Ep 105: Batman Grill

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Welcome to episode 105 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. We continue with our yearly tradition which started way back in episode one, which is talking through the winners of the 2019 British Kebab Awards! Before we dive into that we look at a fresh batch of Geezedrops you wonderful listeners have overheard and sent us, we throw in a recent story of a train driver who accidentally broadcasted the audio from the porn he was watching to all the passengers on the train. 

Then we dive into the winners of the British Kebab Awards, look at a recent report declaring Britain as the worlds biggest binge drinkers, we keep with food and drink talking about an upcoming pop up 'Bring Your Own Table' restaurant, New Zealand Dominoes launches a pineapple and tinned spaghetti pizza, then we randomly discuss our fave lunch spots in Kingston during our retail days. 

We end with an agony aunt found and sent to us by the guys over at Anywhere But Here Podcast, as always we get very sidetracked along the way and have an absolute blast doing so! 


Ep 104: Yes, we did an MCU/Endgame episode, so snap us.

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Welcome to episode 104 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. Like every other podcast we are also doing an MCU wrap up of The Infinity Saga after going to see Endgame. It's hard to avoid really, so we are embracing it, that and the fact that Endgame is the first time Greg and Joe have actually been to the cinema together in a decade of friendship. It's also the first time Joe has been to the cinema since Die Hard 5. 

We go through each film in the MCU bringing us to Endgame, well, almost, we naturally and over excitedly fell into Endgame straight after discussing Infinity War totally stepping over Captain Marvel and Ant Man 2, oh well, we were pretty drunk and high by the end. We go over the films with Greg giving his view as a lifelong die hard fan and Joe tells us if he's even seen it. We work up to our thoughts on Endgame and we have a lot of fun doing so. Obviously, there are SPOILERS. 

It's not all Thor and talking Raccoons, there's some Game of Thrones talk too and we start the episode with our eavesdropping strangers conversations segment, 'Geezedropping' and also bring you a segment within a segment in 'Sam Drops' where our Northern eavesdropper Sam sends us geezedrops he's heard up his ends and much more! Fear not regular listeners who don't care about the MCU, next episode we are talking the 2019 Kebab Awards. 

Ep 103: I'm Off My F*cked!

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Welcome to episode 103 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. This was a very impromptu recording, we were out for Joe's birthday, had been out all afternoon and evening to various places then went to watch Earthtide play live at The Fighting Cocks. It was at the end of the night in Eden Kebab before heading home that Greg drunkenly suggested 'Should we just go record a podcast at yours?'.... and Joe said Yes!

We look at odd and bizarre stories we've seen recently such as Captain Marvel fan breaks record after watching the film 116 times, air stewardess has to wipe 31 stone man's backside, paedophile who microwaved victims head and got 12 year old girl to eat it commits suicide (yes, we go there) and woman who hates selfies so much she started an Instagram of her 'dying' at famous landmarks.

We also talk Edgar from Old London Road tattoo's incredible Captain Marvel piece appearing on the Ellen Show, Endgame, weed and much more. 

We of course start and end with our segments 'Geezedropping' and 'You didn't ask foe it but here's our advice anyway'. 

Ep 102: Whys stuff gotta crawl in your eye?

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Welcome to episode 102 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe. We dive straight into our eavesdropping strangers conversations segment, 'Geezedropping' and bring you a segment within a segment in 'Sam Drops' where our Northern eavesdropper Sam sends us geezedrops he's heard round the Manchester area. 

We discuss odd stories such as the woman who married a zombie doll and had go to the police to prove to her zombie doll spouse wasn't a dead child. Someone films them self licking an airplane toilet, bee's are found living a woman's eye feeding on her tears, a man regrets tossing a coin at a plane he's boarding for luck and a guy in a shop toilet just want to take a sh*t in peace. 

As always we get sidetracked talking about refund customers from our previous retail jobs and with the release of the Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker trailer we give The Last Jedi opening scroll the Wankerty W*nk treatment. 

All this and more. Enjoy


Ep 101: Behind the Time Vagina

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Welcome to episode 101 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. It's the morning after episode 100 and the guys are hungover and their a*seholes are sore.... from hot sauce but still ready to go! 

Last year we released the radio play 'Rise of the Moonwalkers' which followed the crazy adventures of Detectives Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance. Then last week we released the sequel, 'Time Vagina'. This episode takes you inside the minds behind the radio plays. We talk the voices, the Anywhere But Here Podcast hosts 'Tom & Ant' cameos, the script process, the origins of Time Vagina and why it's such a big deal to Greg, the sounds, music, editing, recording and so much more. This is just a funny reflection on the radio plays and what comes next for the Grimwood Detectives.

We also do Geezedropping, talk Spider-Man: into the spider verse, childhood cartoons and Vodka Revs for some reason. 

RADIO PLAY: Ritz & Dick in... The Time Vagina

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From the twisted minds of The All Seeing Guys...

The adventures of Detectives Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance continue. The follow up radio play to ‘Rise of the Moonwalkers’ is finally here.... Time Vagina. 

Two years have passed since the events of Rise of the Moonwalkers, Ritz Cricker remains missing, the town of Grimwood has fallen into criminal hands and is descending into chaos, Dick Disturbance is at rock bottom and Seabreeze is still banging wives.

Then events are put into motion by Eggs Benedict which all lead to the Time Vagina reopening, who will be able to stop it? Because if they don't, it'll not only spell the end for Grimwood... but the entire world. 

Full on comedy, action, drama & adventure awaits....

Written & produced by Greg Armstrong, starring Greg Armstrong and Joe Jackson. With cameos from Ed Wooderson and Tom & Ant of the Anywhere But Here Podcast. 

Catch the first radio play 'Rise of The Moonwalkers' here: 

Libsyn: http://theallseeingguys.libsyn.com/ritz-cricker-and-dick-disturbance-rise-of-the-moonwalkers-radio-play

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ritz-cricker-dick-disturbance-rise-moonwalkers-radio/id1039902417?i=1000393997464&mt=2

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0Y0JIX3DJSHQewPJ9wMRpZ

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsBqVZ0y3I0&t=3s

Best listened high and on good headphones 

Ep 100: Booze, wings & hot sauce in my face!

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Welcome to episode ONE HUNDRED of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe! We have reached a huge milestone. Every two weeks without fail for 100 episodes we have been talking our dumb sh*t and we are thankful to those who have joined us for the ride. 

We are desperado guzzling this episode and hyped to be celebrating our milestone, we reflect on the changes to podcasting, to our lives and tip our hats to the awesome people we have met since starting the show, there's a bumper edition of Geezedropping with plenty you listeners sent in, we talk kebabs in America & share stories and audio clips you wonderful people sent us. 

Then we crack open the rum, chicken wings and hot sauce.We work our way up through the hot sauces while asking one another a series of questions compiled from various lists from the internet with the aim of inspiring conversation & funny stories. 

We wrap up with a new song from the Dicerollers umbrella as Joe drops a solo track. It's a fun, fast paced episode with much more madness along the way. 

BONUS EPISODE: The Kinda best of Vol 2

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As we are about to hit episode 100 and we are celebrating by putting out an bonus super episode! The Kinda Best of Vol 2! When we were about to hit episode 50 we released a clip show of the first 50 episodes, well now we are doing the same with the last 50. Still has an intro and outro from Greg and Joe with some fun clips, skits, segments, clips of us out and about with the zoom mic with plenty of guests including fan faves Ed Wooderson & Harry Bone. It really sums up what the podcast is about and captures the way it's grown but still still stayed stupidly the same. 

Next week is episode 100! The big one! Enjoy and thanks so much for listening. 

Ep 99: A lift of agony with Ed Wooderson

Welcome to episode 99 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe. We are knocking on the door of episode 100! So close we can taste it. To celebrate we have our good friend and regular guest of the podcast, Ed Wooderson joining us. We talk the 'fake shake' when you can't pee at the urinal when it's busy, the Lego porn movie, pen pals, Danny Dyer dick pics & showering at PE in school. Then we get a little deep talking about what part religion did or didn't play in our upbringing, but don't worry, it doesn't stay deep for long as Ed and Joe set the scene for Greg to improv his own agony aunt and we all struggle to hold it together. All this and more! 

Ep 98: A cockroach named Linda.

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Welcome to episode 98 of The Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. We talk our recent burgers and beers trip into London, in which left us hungover for this episode. After some fun geezedrops we discuss the recent Big Mac copyright issue, how childhood cartoons hold up today, a lady haunted by a ghost who keeps flushing her toilet, a Japanese man who stole over 70 pairs of shoes to fulfill his sniffing fetish and another who falls in love with a cockroach named Linda. We look at penis injuries ranging from  a dislocated bollock to dick bruising. All that, an agony aunt and more! 

There is a slight audio issue, Joe is a little louder and Greg is a little quiet in parts. It''s all good though. Almost at episode 100! 

Ep 97: I've popped & I can't stop

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Welcome to episode 97 of The Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. A slightly shorter episode this time round but no less dumb, silly, weird and fun as usual, but fear not, plenty of fun stuff coming up as we get closer to episode 100. Greg talks passing his driving test then getting locked out his house. Joe brings story we all saw about a woman drinking wine out of a Pringles can in Walmart triggers a rabbit hole of Pringles related news stories... yes, welcome to the bottom of the barrel, or the bottom of the Pringles tube. Joe even switches his red cup for a Pringles cans during this episode. The classic but still very relevant movie 'The Network' gets the Wankerty Wank treatment, along with a great bunch of overheard snippets from strangers conversations in Geezedropping. 

Ep 96: The internet has ruined everyone

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Welcome to episode 96 of The Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. We talk the internet challenges which have kicked off 2019 such as the #Birdboxchallenge & the #TenYearChallenge. Look back at the weirdest, dumbest and popular internet challenges from last year. We discuss the nudist, sorry, naturist restaurant which closed in France recently and debate the concept of going out to eat naked. Greg shares a story of when he very uncharacteristically lost his temper in public, yes, it was in the post office. We have some fun geezedrops in geezedropping, dish out poor agony aunt advice and much more. 

Ep 95: Clonadians from Cloatia

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Welcome to episode 95 of The Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. We debut a scene from our upcoming sequel radio play 'Time Vagina', but first, we do best, talking funny, strange and flat out bizarre news stories.

Starting with the woman who's engaged to marry a chandelier, as well as being in an open relationship with 25 other chandeliers, we talk the latest beauty regime of injecting Korean baby foreskins into your face which sparked a TV series idea and we go in on sex dolls, should they give consent? if so how is that given? we also learn about 'Brick Dollbanger' the sex doll tester.

All that, geezedropping, unwanted agony aunt advice and much more.



Welcome to a special episode of The All Seeing Guys where we do our first cop out... kinda. Greg and Joe still host the show and start with the eavesdropping segement, Geezedropping! Then we share un-heard clips, from outtakes, cut audio from previous episodes, clips from episodes we never released including one we recorded sat outside on a sunny day. It's a lot of fun featuring a whole stack of guests including Calum James Wright, Chris Fordrey, Jack Webber, Harry Bone, Ed Wooderson, Eloise Tranter, Ben Monopoli and Elizabeth Armstrong. At the end of the episode is a special extra, a mini episode hosted drunkenly by Jack and Joe who are sat at the spot (a wall by a car park in Kingston) eating a kebab in the early hours of the morning talking about... well, lets just say they are talking.


Welcome to episode 56 (although in this episode we are wrongly convinced it's episode 57) of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, Greg & Joe return after last episodes podswap with Open All Powers with many topics that need to be urgently discussed. Topics such as Batman attending court to give evidence in Batman Forever & pissing in bushes. Our main event of the episode which is Buskers, Street entertainers & 'celebs' of Kingston upon Thames & Surbiton. We of course get side tracked along the way by Blazin' Squad which seems normal for us. To be honest, the whole episode is one big side tracked conversation from the very start. They also saw a fight, thats fun right?  We still bring some of our segments which this episode include Geezedropping, Bee in the Bonnet & You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway


Welcome to Episode 52 of the All Seeing Guys, this is our most sober (ish) episode yet, mainly because Joe had just woken up, but we can't blame him as he was still battling jet lag after not long returning from New York. So we kick off with his tales from the Big Apple & his Geezedrops. Joe also watched fairly new films on the plane so we talk Star Wars Rouge One, The Kingsmen & Split.  We dive into recent bizarre news stories All Seeing Guys style, talking the mysterious death of a giant rabbit, Two year old slapped by a stranger outside a supermarket, child kidnapping for some reason, we look at Russia's ridiculous view on the impact of overweight women on the homosexual community. Then we spin off into Greg & Joe chat covering Michael C Hall & how sh*t the end of Dexter was, Nic Cage, Show Joe Shit & much more. This is a fun fast paced episode. Enjoy.  Joe also has another David Walliams rant.


Before we drop episode 50 next week this is a BONUS episode looking back over all our previous episodes. Full of fun, foul & disgusting clips from the very beginning following the evolution of the show & many bottles of rum.  Featuring all our awesome guests Harry Bone, Jason Armstrong, Tom Snape, Ben Monopoli, Eloise Tranter, Caz Woolcocks, Ed Wooderson, Jack Webber, Elizabeth Armstrong Chris Fordrey, Calum James Wright & of course Jay & Tony from How To Write a Tune. So check out the number one podcast from Kingston upon Thames that is listened to all over the world, not heard us yet? or not sure where to start? What the show is like? or just fancy a laugh with Greg & Joe, then this episode is for you. For all you regular listeners, we have something new for you. We end the show with an exclusive first time play of the opening scene from our upcoming Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance detective radio play.  More than enough reasons to press play or hit download!  See you next week for episode 50!


Welcome to episode 48 with our special guest Jack Webber, who joins us to talk all things Kebab. We indulge in the Eden Special from the Eden Kebab menu in our town Kingston, talk kebab love & consumption then cover the 2017 Kebab awards, news from the awards & the winners! Warning: Will contain kebab puns! 

As the episode goes on & our bottle of rum gets less full we go in on what the titles of our autobiographies would be based on our crazy adventures & then go IN on what could be our best Agony Aunt segment to date. It gets.... weird. 

You don't want to miss this episode, just hit download & enjoy now!

Note: Greg is a little quiet at the start of the show but we sort it during & then it's great sound.


Welcome to episode 46 of The All Seeing Guys, Greg & Joe go straight in on Geezdropping, discussing overheard snippets from peoples conversations, getting massively side tracked and accidentally create All Seeing Guys the musical. We briefly talk our disgust for Independence Day 2. Then look over some of the recent unusual news stories covering Avocados, Vegan Cafe beef, Adult books accidentally sold to kids, the increase in cock ring incidents, the movie Save The Last Dance & more madness. Greg goes for a wee & Joe does an Irish accent. Of course we dish out our unwanted agony aunt advice & end with a banger of track 'All I've Known' by the mighty 'Iron Duke', formally Violent Offender.  More than enough reasons to listen.


Welcome to episode 37 & Kingston upon Thames Town Ambassador Moses lives! we share our love for Danny Dyer, his tweets, movies & TV shows where of course conversation turns other topics such as an Earthworm Jim porno. Joe doesn't care about movies like Greg does & gives no f*cks about upcoming films. So to gauge Joes judgemental reactions Greg shows him the following trailers John Wick 2, Justice League, where Joe expresses his opinion of Aquaman, Army Of One, Rings & Doctor Strange. Along with some agony aunts, will one be a problem of incest? Maybe?... we know the answer is yes. 

Playing us out is Earthtide with 'Saragossa Speedway' taken from their new ep 'Live, Loud & Loaded'