Welcome to episode 89 of The All Seeing Guys. With Halloween looming we decide to embrace the horror! Greg watches and talks the IT remake and Hereditary. 

We keep on the horror track by discussing horror movies that scared us as kids, deliver some freaky facts about horror films and look at a list of the highest grossing horror franchises. We basically talk a lot about horror movies. 

We look at the most haunted areas in Surrey and revisit our mini radio play segment as we become ghosts hunters ourselves. 

All this and more in-between. 


Welcome to episode 56 (although in this episode we are wrongly convinced it's episode 57) of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, Greg & Joe return after last episodes podswap with Open All Powers with many topics that need to be urgently discussed. Topics such as Batman attending court to give evidence in Batman Forever & pissing in bushes. Our main event of the episode which is Buskers, Street entertainers & 'celebs' of Kingston upon Thames & Surbiton. We of course get side tracked along the way by Blazin' Squad which seems normal for us. To be honest, the whole episode is one big side tracked conversation from the very start. They also saw a fight, thats fun right?  We still bring some of our segments which this episode include Geezedropping, Bee in the Bonnet & You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway


EPISODE 24 of TASG 'Our Ends, Kingston upon Thames & The Fallen Down Phone Boxes'. Firstly I apologise for sound quality not being as on point, it's not bad though & doesn't effect the show. Joe decided to eat the microphone so he's louder than usual at some points but I'm sure he's not sorry. We talk the fallen down phone boxes, a local Kebab award win, laser quest, a vicious attack on a police blanket, shops that have come & gone such as Books, Bits & Bobs. We answer the big question, is Kingston built over a hell mouth like Sunnydale in Buffy? How awesome would it be if we close the town & play paintball in it? & Whats this 'interested' bollocks on Facebook? We round up with looking at some spooky goings on & our Wankety Wank segment!