Welcome to episode 56 (although in this episode we are wrongly convinced it's episode 57) of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, Greg & Joe return after last episodes podswap with Open All Powers with many topics that need to be urgently discussed. Topics such as Batman attending court to give evidence in Batman Forever & pissing in bushes. Our main event of the episode which is Buskers, Street entertainers & 'celebs' of Kingston upon Thames & Surbiton. We of course get side tracked along the way by Blazin' Squad which seems normal for us. To be honest, the whole episode is one big side tracked conversation from the very start. They also saw a fight, thats fun right?  We still bring some of our segments which this episode include Geezedropping, Bee in the Bonnet & You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway


Episode 50 is here & it's a special one! The Harry Bone Show! After his first guest appearance well over a year ago back in episode 15, countless listeners asked for his return & here it is. Harry is back, with Bonevengence. In this unplanned episode Greg & Joe are cast aside as Harry takes over the show, questioning our methods & exposing our podcasting secrets. We dive in on big topics & questions such as can you butter toast with a vigina? tough fighting talk, IPAs, Bishops, soap operas, marrying a robot, sex dolls & the cheese smuggling adventures of jimmy Maguire.  We end the track with a 'rap song' from Dicerollers.  This really is Harrys episode. You wanted him, you got him. Enjoy.


Welcome to episode 46 of The All Seeing Guys, Greg & Joe go straight in on Geezdropping, discussing overheard snippets from peoples conversations, getting massively side tracked and accidentally create All Seeing Guys the musical. We briefly talk our disgust for Independence Day 2. Then look over some of the recent unusual news stories covering Avocados, Vegan Cafe beef, Adult books accidentally sold to kids, the increase in cock ring incidents, the movie Save The Last Dance & more madness. Greg goes for a wee & Joe does an Irish accent. Of course we dish out our unwanted agony aunt advice & end with a banger of track 'All I've Known' by the mighty 'Iron Duke', formally Violent Offender.  More than enough reasons to listen.