Welcome to episode 88 of The All Seeing Guys. Greg talks doors (yes, doors) and Elvis self service check outs. We dive into a theme this episode, we talk about 'Embarrassment'. How easily embarrassed we are? How do we deal with embarrassing moments? Can you actually die from embarrassment? which leads us to a 'fun' list of embarrassing deaths, which turn out to be more undignified than anything.

We take a look at odd news stories, are the foxes really the infamous cat killers? Should we judge an adult man who faked having down syndrome just to trick carers into changing his nappy?... we all know Joes feelings on adults acting like babies. Then we talk Seagull kicking... there's something for everyone this episode.


Welcome again to a some what peculiar episode of The All Seeing Guys. Due to some geeky timey wimey stuff, the flashpoint paradox altered the timeline, Open All Powers Podcast is now hosted by Greg and Joe from The All Seeing Guys. And The All Seeing Guys is hosted by Sam and Gaz. It's a full on  takeover.  In this podswap event Gaz & Sam don't just walk a mile in Greg & Joes shoes but run a marathon. Join the guys they talk countryside etiquette, give you the low down on their hometown Oldham, in the wake of the fidget spinner they look back other school fads & much more. With your favourite segments Geezedropping, you didn't ask for it but ours advice anyway & The Matrix gets the Wankerty Wank treatment!    Be sure to get over to the Open All Powers iTunes or Soundcloud page to hear Greg & Joe hosted Open All Powers   Open-all-powers-podcast – Ep-143-no-dissemble-the-all-seeing-guys-takeover   itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ep-14…00389423408&mt=2