Welcome to episode 88 of The All Seeing Guys. Greg talks doors (yes, doors) and Elvis self service check outs. We dive into a theme this episode, we talk about 'Embarrassment'. How easily embarrassed we are? How do we deal with embarrassing moments? Can you actually die from embarrassment? which leads us to a 'fun' list of embarrassing deaths, which turn out to be more undignified than anything.

We take a look at odd news stories, are the foxes really the infamous cat killers? Should we judge an adult man who faked having down syndrome just to trick carers into changing his nappy?... we all know Joes feelings on adults acting like babies. Then we talk Seagull kicking... there's something for everyone this episode.


Episode 45 of The All Seeing Guys & it's a special one for Valentines Day! Greg & Joe are joined by Ellie (not the grey haired old lady in the episode artwork) who featured on our Fighting Cocks episode last year, but this time we have her all to ourselves & the topic of conversation is a fun one (Sorry to our families). Join us as we talk Porn, sex & Ellie shares tales from the horse paddock. Of course conversation takes a few turns, sexy teachers, porn scenarios we've been in, one night stands, losing virginity, sex dolls, Jehovah witnesses along with our Geezedropping & unwanted agony aunt advice segments & much more! (We have a slight audio issue for last bit but it's all good)


Episode 40 of The All Seeing Guys! This episode Greg & Joe are joined by Greg's younger brother Jason Armstrong to talk all things Gaming. Join us for a nostalgic, present day & a look to the future view on video games. From consoles & handhelds to Mobile phones. Toejam & Earl, Sonic the Hedgehog, Fallout, Uncharted to Tetris. Of course, we talk about all this in true All Seeing Guys fashion with our fave segments 'Geezedropping' in which we share snippets of conversations over heard by strangers & 'You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway' where we give agony aunt advice to people who didn't ask us for it. If you are still reading this just press play & listen, you came this far.


032 - People Are F@cked.jpg

Episode 31 of The All Seeing Guys is here & it's a new dawn as we present our new original theme tune by Rob Augustus. Things take a hilarious turn when Gregs wife Lizzie joins Greg & Joe to talk Most Haunted, Pokemon GO & help us give unwanted advice in an agony aunt special that spirals out of control into Shoe Sniffing, amputee sucking, Ghostbusting haunted sanitary towels, Disney Fantasia being terrifying, incest, people we know who have done awesome charity cycles & walks including the recent #TorbanWalks & relationships on Facebook'. All that & more!


Hungover from the drunken mayhem that was episode 27 Greg & Joe take a more chilled approach to this episode. Talking Blink 182 playing our town Kingston, Joe has Geezedropping story involving Twenty One Pilots, a homeless woman & funeral, then we talk REALITY TV! what we watched, watched we didn't, was was hot, what was not, we actually have a conversation but fear not! we very much lower the tone lower than we have before with our agony aunt segment. Enjoy!


The All Seeing Guys Greg & Joe return to the captains table with spiced rum fuelling their minds as they discuss & banter their way through their most un-pc episode yet. We start off with our segment 'Geezedropping', for weeks we have been making note of odd snippets we hear from peoples conversation and discussing it ourselves. This episodes topic is 'local town nuts' to be blunt, we all know them, or know of them, or have seen them out & about so we are learning about a few popular local ones & sharing stories, theories & love for them making our towns rightfully theirs, we talk The Wizard of Sutton, Moses of Kingston & many more. But thats not all, we have our agony aunt segment 'You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway'....INCEST SPECIAL!!!!!

We also end with a track from local up & coming hardcore/metal band 'High Rise'.

How have you not pressed play already?


The All Seeing Guys are back with their 8th episode (we are as surprised as you), join Joe & Greg as this time we talk pointless over sized phone cases & our main topic, which is pretty shit, actually its all shit as we talk shitting (the act of pooping), more the awkward battle of shitting out of home, farting in front of your significant other for the first time & getting caught short. As always we visit 'Joe's corner of fear', and answer other peoples agony aunts in 'You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway' & trigger an anti-religious rant I think had been held in for awhile.

Phone cases, shitting, religion, & we end with a track from The Lagan, who'd wanna miss all that?