It's May so it must be another MCM Live Show on the Vidfest Stage... But never one this early!! 11.30am? As a result, this show is a little more, shall we say, "loose"? Either way, you can look forward to the usual rants and raves from Eli & Paul.

Ash Frith delivers more astounded commentary and we are (eventually) joined by comedian and actor Tom Bell, who basically walks into an early morning car crash of a podcast. He ends up being brilliant anyway!

In this episode, we tackle... The regrets of every Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer ever, our anger at the early time slot, the unknown aspects of E-Cigs, early morning boozers, creating your own cheap laugh track, Paul & Eli go heavy on the free phone apps, we get a rather random Price of Shite and Paul creates a convoluted new game... just for the sake of ONE cheap gag! This may be our cheapest show yet!

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Special Guests: Stuart Ashen & Ash Frith

It's another LIVE edition of Cheapshow, on the Vidfest stage at October's MCM Comic Con 2016.

Be afraid! Eli and Paul are joined by part time co-host Ash Frith and YouTube botherer Stuart Ashens for a show that sees Eli mistakenly think it's cool to drop an Ace of Base reference and announces a life hack for Monopoly.

Meanwhile, Paul finds most people think a "Straddlebob" is a racist word, pits "plebs" against "celebs" for a very special Price of Shite and, once again, threatens his co-host with physical violence! 


Cheapshow returns to MCM Comic Con for another live show... and this time, it's personal!

Paul & Eli are joined in the flesh by Ash Frith as well as a super awesome live audience. In this 45 min live spectacular, we find out what the audience would choose as a super power, discover that Eli has very little tolerance for audience participation, rummage through a charity shop to find Fast Food Transformers as well as a Look-In annual and play a shoddy round of 80s TV show "Blockbusters" In the process, we are joined by a super taster, some kind of Pokemon and the smoothest sounding Riddler in the whole world. ...and yeah... the sound could be better.. but Hey "That's CheapShow"!

With thanks for MCM Comic Con, Videfest and the fantastic audience who joined in the fun!


Guests: Stuart Ashens & Richard Sandling

Recorded Live at MCM London Comic Con in October

The boys are back and LIVE at London's awesome MCM Comic Con on the Vidfest Stage. In this supercharged hour of podcast loveliness, Paul and Eli argue over who's introduction is worse... Until Richard Sandling adds his own suggestions. Stuart Ashens joins us a second time to answer "Piss All" to most of our poised questions and endures another bout of "Murder Hotel" Halloween sweets. With HUGE thanks to the Vidfest crew, MCM Comic Cons and the awesome audience, we present another hour of bargain hunting, arguments, taste tests and audience participation.