We venture onwards with our 5th trip to the House of Pickles, the supposed "mini" episodes that just keep on getting longer and longer! In this new audio adventure, Eli & Paul wax lyrical about the loss of the word "bastard", fail to create two new segments for the show, come up a cropper when they decide to pinch someone else's Life Hacks and Noel Edmonds is given yet more of a verbal beating. Also, Patreon donor Jordan Richards joins the Cheap Chaps for another chat where we discover Eli's fear of Ikea, talk the birth of Barshens, tackle YouTube scumbags and even dip their ignorant toes into Sci-Fi!

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CheapShow returns to your ears in another podcast full of Paul & Eli goodness! Recording this episode was a ruddy nightmare, so you better like it! In episode 31, discover how Eli upset the Furry Brigade on YouTube, hear him also answer your rubbish and frustrating questions, Paul delivers his refreshingly poor Price of Shite and they both consider taking a bath in hot, beefy Noodle bath salts... If only they could read Japanese!

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WARNING *Show contains strong language and adult material


Special Guests: Stuart Ashen & Ash Frith

It's another LIVE edition of Cheapshow, on the Vidfest stage at October's MCM Comic Con 2016.

Be afraid! Eli and Paul are joined by part time co-host Ash Frith and YouTube botherer Stuart Ashens for a show that sees Eli mistakenly think it's cool to drop an Ace of Base reference and announces a life hack for Monopoly.

Meanwhile, Paul finds most people think a "Straddlebob" is a racist word, pits "plebs" against "celebs" for a very special Price of Shite and, once again, threatens his co-host with physical violence! 


It's another Scrapbook of Crap... And this time it's personal!

After Eli took the internet by storm with his very strong opinions about Instant Noodles, it seems only fair he uses the podcast as a platform to answer his fans from the Barshens channel YouTube comments. He is taking over the world. We are very sorry.

Paul & Eli also discover just how well (or not) they know each other when they take a "Mr & Mrs" style quiz, one that reveals a little "too" much!

Finally, as its another scrapbook show, we release from the vaults two clips once deemed too crap to use, but now seem fair game. Why, you ask? Well because we would've had a full episode had Eli turned up to the sodding recording. Thanks to Skype, we get something just as good. Almost. Kinda. Whatever. Enjoy!


You ask Eli to do ONE thing! Create an original segment for the show and he shows up with piss poor life hacks. Paul is not impressed. Don't worry though. Paul cocks up too and forgets to record cheap eats. Paul fixes it, but via dodgy re-record!

In this section the cheap chaps have a right old moan about the state of modern crisps! SHOCK HORROR!!!

Finally, Eli falls in love with a You Tube celebrity and its a match made in heaven. Listen to their love affair begin!

It's another random episode of the economy comedy podcast!


Do you remember Look-In? The old 80s magazine for teens about TV, movies, music and comic strips? No? God we're old? Well, if you do, you are in for a treat as Paul & Eli find a stash of Look-Ins and decide to look into the history of the weekly magazine and fall head first into a nostalgic hellscape that includes Madness, 5 Star, Worzel Gummidge, Spagna, The Krankies and, god help us, Little & Large.

At some point... Paul MAY have a massive rant about shitcom "Bread" by Carla Lane. You have been warned!

We also have all the usual bits with more Tales from the Dancefloor and The Price of Shite... But we discover that Eli has a fanbase thanks to his appearances on the YouTube channel "Barshens" and the comments are... well.. troubling!

Its more cheap topics and cheap laughs in another CheapShow podcast!


Easter treats abound in episode 18 of the economy comedy podcast! 

Paul & Eli tackle Easter in the only way they know how - poorly. They talk Easter memories and discover Paul's love of Read-A-Along Adventure books, via Ghostbusters and a kinda racist Rambo! The chaps discover a YouTube video that helpfully explains the story of Easter, and they tear it to pieces and sing along with Christ music. Ash Frith reports in with weird and wonderful movie "Easter Eggs", Paul and Eli taste test some cheap chocolate treats, paint cock and balls on a clay egg and Eli's TOP THREE returns and is as shouty as it ever was!