You will like this magical edition of CheapShow... Not A Lot! Paul and Eli delve into the world of illusions, tricks and conjuring when they come across a range of cheap children's magic sets.

They also discover a reasonably rare magic instructional album from TV's very own Paul Daniels who poses a conundrum that pisses Paul right off! Along the way, Paul calls Eli's stumpy hands into question, Eli demolishes Paul's faith in magic and they both try to one-up each other with their pathetic prestidigitation!

Elsewhere, they discover a book of life hacks for old fogies, debate what piece of tat The Simpsons WON'T appear on and end up grabbing the old mouth harp and singing the blues! It's a truly astounding episode! Piffity Puff Puff!!

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Who is Mr Biscuits and how could he help you save money? Frankly, no one really knows, especially Paul & Eli in yet another ruddy fun CheapShow.

In episode 34 CheapShow tackles bad accents. Again. There is another frustratingly familiar "Tales from the Dancefloor" story, Eli excitedly takes on an all new type of Noodle flavour, Gannon's Google Assistant confuses Paul Daniels for Vladimir Putin, the boys eats rancid chilli chocolate and, AT LAST, Eli brings in a selection of weird and wonderful vinyl singles, discovered in some of London's best charity shops. Be warned: One is straight up creepy.

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WARNING *Show contains strong language and adult material


The Cheap Show is HERE!

A show that mixes stand up, chat show and game show and celebrates the very best of the very worst... The UK's economy comedy podcast.

...Paul asks the mega mind of guest Brian Wecht (@bwecht) possibly the most stupid question ever.

Ash forces the team to stuff their mouths full of cream crackers and make a mess.

Brian discovers the joy of the Stylophone.

Paul performs a magic trick in this week's "Price of Shite" game.

Ash has his Paul Daniels anecdote sensibly censored!

Cheap Eats is an American Food "special".

Who will win? Timmy Mallet and Dusty Bin in a pop music face off?

Eli forces his pickled sausage down your throat...

...and Virgil Howe, from Little Barrie, eats what Paul won't.

...And see if you can listen to the moment we go from Stereo FM to MONO AM... (Sorry)