CheapShow has (somehow) been going for 3 years! So why not check out this very special edition of the economy comedy podcast, as we attempt to turn the podcast in to a full blown TV channel?

7.00pm: Top of Pops With music from Dire Concerns, The Spunk Mothers, Labian Caves... and Russ Abbott

7.30pm: CheapShow TV Show Board Game Special Paul, Eli & Ash take on some of Britain's best TV game shows with arguments, challenges and forfeits. This week, the cheap chaps take on Blockbusters, The Million Pound Drop and Britain's Got Talent.

8.30: Bobby's Mucky Flat The reward winning sitcom returns for a new series. This week, Bobby has to deal with a family tragedy that he singlehandedly caused... and comedy ensues!

9pm: Stars In Their Thighs Sex talks with D List celebrities.

10pm: Putin On The Ritz Hard hitting pun based documentary.

11pm: Confessions of a Radio DJ Sex comedy with Pat Sharp and Barbera Windsor.

1am: Programming Ends

(With thanks to radio legend Pat Sharp for helping out with this episode. We'd also like to thank Roobeh on Reddit for the amazing "Gibbly-Woo" song that helps open the show!)

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Who is Mr Biscuits and how could he help you save money? Frankly, no one really knows, especially Paul & Eli in yet another ruddy fun CheapShow.

In episode 34 CheapShow tackles bad accents. Again. There is another frustratingly familiar "Tales from the Dancefloor" story, Eli excitedly takes on an all new type of Noodle flavour, Gannon's Google Assistant confuses Paul Daniels for Vladimir Putin, the boys eats rancid chilli chocolate and, AT LAST, Eli brings in a selection of weird and wonderful vinyl singles, discovered in some of London's best charity shops. Be warned: One is straight up creepy.

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