Welcome to episode 92 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe. We talk our recent return to stage as we resurrected our hiphop duo, Dicerollers and played a charity gig down the Fighting Cocks with Spandex Love. The episode then takes a sharp turn into flesh eating as we look at story where a man has his balls ripped off by dog... after he put peanut butter on them? We talk a story where a young man killed and ate his older girlfriends brain and Greg shares his thoughts on his revisit to The Walking Dead for Ricks last episode. 

Then we dish out terrible advice to a guy who had been sleeping with his girlfriends mum, classic. We of course get side tracked throughout this episode and have a lot of laughs and beers along the way.


Episode 41 of The All Seeing Guys is here! It maybe Christmas but we decided f*ck that & talk about Scientology instead. So join us as dive into the 'facts' & fun of Scientology & it members. Well, we talk about Tom Cruise & John Travolta more than we should but that's the fun part right?. That's not all though, we dive back into our sausage roll segment with an important update, The Walking Dead keeps popping up & much more madness. Of course we go in on our two fave segments 'Geezedropping' & 'You Didn't Ask For it but here's our advice', where we return to incest. We also sing the Frasier theme... again.


Welcome to episode 38 of The All Seeing Guys. This week is a special episode as once again we have no set topics or points to discuss just pure unplanned conversation. Joining us as the conversation descends into drunken madness is our dear friend & bassist to the mighty Earthtide Chis 'Chris' Fordrey! We go in on Star Wars, hat knowledge from Jaws (you did read that right) TV shows ranging from childhood favourites Mr Bean, The Crystal Maze & You Bet! to current releases such as Breaking Bad & The Walking Dead. We look back at school mufti days, ask the big questions such as 'Where does Gary Lineker keep his crisps?' & more. Along with our popular segments 'Geezedropping' & 'You didn't ask for it but here's our advice anyway' We can promise you it's going to be a fun packed episode! There may be some incest.


Episode 36 of TASG & we welcome Tom Snape who joins us to talk Preppers, those who hope for the best & prepare for the worst. The worst being the end of days. Join us as we dive into the reasons to start getting your sh*t together for the end of the world & how to survive. As always it's gets weird as we design our weapons to protect ourselves realise we would be the arseholes who show up in a Walking Dead episode along with Geezedropping & taking on weird mums in our agony aunts.