Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Belasco

(It’s Belasco. Belasco’s Back!)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s up, my honkies?

In this actually legitimately very special episode of the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast, we welcome back our old friend, colleague and host, Belasco. That’s right… we got the band back together!

As befits the occasion, this is a feature length episode, aided in it’s longevity by Belasco’s explanation of where the hell he’s been all this time. Not to mention an ill conceived & poorly moderated quiz about the Korean music scene which did go on a bit.

We find out what Belasco thought of Star The Last Jedi Wars, who would win a fight out of a massive crocodile and a tiny Yorkshire terrier, and just which SFJ cast member is the freakiest in the sheets. I wonder if you can guess.

We also pay tribute to a sweet, sweet handsome lady who featured in a News Round a while back, who sadly passed away recently. Well, about a year ago, but we didn’t notice. Rest in peace.

All this, plus Burt Reynolds, some very impressive dog whispering, and a mysterious incident involving a young Chuck Turtleman, a bath, and Cornelius out of Planet of the Apes’s trousers.

So stick it in your ear, dummy!

93 - ANGELO!

Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Booze, Chuck Turtleman

In our 93rd full installment, we meet hunky beefcake Internet sensation Angelo! He was in Menudeo, but now he’s all grown up and, lucky for us, hasn’t given up his love for music! He’s got the body of the hulk and the voice of Stefano.

Later, we discuss the various classifications of little people, have some R&B news with Booze, discuss Turtleman’s stepmom’s childhood poodle, and Belasco tells us all about Han Solo’s latest plane crash. And, you’ll want to buckle-up because our news copter takes us to exotic places like Rome and Applebee’s.

We have a very special Idiots of Facebook. Remember the hunky beefcake Angelo? Well, he has very interesting fans on Facebook. And, wow, are they idiots! As usual, we go to their pages and read their comments and dissect their lives for your listening pleasure.

Dim the lights, pour some vodka in the poodle’s bowl, and put us in your earholes, my honkies!