Featuring: Beardo, Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaaaat’s up, my honkies? In this very special episode, the fellows from your computer/smart phone/ tablet-shaped information device/ fridge delve into the recent democratic disarray.

In this auditory extravaganza, you’ll be pleased to hear that Chuck Turtleman has finally solved the problem of the hiss emanating from his 19th-century podcasting set-up, by drowning it out with an even louder annoying buzz. As well as a great deal of background canine cacophony, and North Carolina’s loudest fish tank.

The gentlemen get discursive about tiresome podcast sound effects, the inflatable multi-octave R&B songstress, Mariah Carey (who almost married the owner of the tiny island of Australia), and Booze insults our brave Paralympians by confusing them with our brave Specialympians. Or Exceptiolympians, or whatever we’re supposed to call them now.

All that, Pants News, Idiots of Twitter, and lots of amazing alliteration (and awesome assonance), in this very special episode of the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast. So stick it in your ear-holes, you lazy asterisk, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk,* and leave us a rating and review on iTunes.

P.s., Beardo may have had a few daytime beverages throughout the course of this recording, and, as a result, he’s even more passionate than ever (particularly towards the end of this episode).

*Beardo wrote something very rude here, but Booze edited it out. He’s a professional.


Featuring: Beardo, Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaaat’s up, my honkies? The boys are back in town, and one of them has managed to convince someone to marry him. Spoiler alert: it’s neither Chuck nor Beardo. Also, this is our very special halloween special, but somehow, no-one remembered to include any halloweeny content, or mention halloween in any way, shape or form. Instead, Chuck and Booze reminisce fondly about Booze’s sham of a wedding, and the first time that they have ever locked (bog)eyes in real life. The gentlemen compete as to their proficiency on wind instruments (that’s not a euphemism), and also discuss some Pants News (because “pants seldom let you down when you need ‘em”). What else? Oh, just psychotic China Leaders, smoking monkeys & some Idiots of Social Networking. You know. The usual.

So don’t be a massive “silly billy”*. Stop complaining, you dirty little fart-sniffer. It’s SFJ, and it’s back, bitches. 

So turn all the lights off, pull the curtains, and eat all the fun-sized Mars bars yourself while you stick us in your ears. Happy Halloween, my honkies!


*Beardo wrote ‘cunt’ here, but Booze changed it to ‘silly billy’.


Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Beardo

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

In this moderately special episode of the Sweet Feathery Jesus podcast, we finally hire a young Chinese China Engineer kid off of Craiglist (some say Creggslist) to sort out Chuck Turtleman’s sound. He couldn’t get rid of the hiss, but blimey, he works cheap.

Booze is horrified by his old school’s new motto, Beardo speaks some posh Latin, and Chuck uses his famous felon judging skills on the exciting new gameshow… What Did The Naughty Man Do?

All this, some Chinese Chinapeople getting scammed by fake jellyfish, some 1950’s French people getting punk’d by the CIA, and Frank leaving his apartment to visit the big city. Which does not go well.

So stick us in your ear, my special little snowflake.


Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Beardo

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

Long time listeners will know that a certain member of the Sweet Feathery Jesus cast has always had a fraught relationship with technology. Won’t say which, but his name rhymes with “Buck Burtleman”.

Long story short, something went wrong with the recording on “Buck”’s end, meaning that we had to use our back­up Skype recording. Thanks to Skype being a bit rubbish, Booze sounded like he was shouting through a megaphone, Beardo seemed to be whispering from the West Wing of his mansion, & Turtleman was obscured by a wall of hiss (no change there, then.)

We had to remix it with brute force just so we were all audible, meaning it ended up sounding like it’d been dredged up after 40 years on the bottom of the ocean, transferred onto a wax cylinder, smashed into a thousand pieces, sellotaped back together, then played back through a pair of Beats headphones.

Never mind, though. On this very special, very terrible sounding SFJ podcast, you will (sort of) hear us go head to head (to head) to find out who can do the most perfect Italian accent, meet a Tiger Whisperer who should’ve spoken up a bit, and discover which country has the worst Netflix choices in the whole world. And no toilet paper.

Also, our favourite Idiot of Facebook, Friendzone Frank, finally gets his big break in Hollywood! But can’t be bothered to turn up.

So stick us in your ear, my nipples. Just pretend it’s a bootleg or something.


Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Beardo

Beware the moon, my honkies!

On this really rather special episode of the SFJ podcast, we travel to deepest darkest Worcestershire in search of the mythical badly drawn werepanther / bin bag that stalks the land and haunts the dreams of children. And also because we really want to hear Chuck Turtleman try to pronounce “Worcestershire”.

Beardo is back from getting married (sorry, ladies and hunky beefcakes), and we find out all about the poshest Australian wedding of the century in  a very very in-depth SFJ Special Report. Concentrating mainly on his trousers.

We also make a record breaking attempt to decipher the badly spelled, chemical enhanced status updates of not one, not two, but THREE Idiots of Facebook on one podcast. They said it couldn’t be done!

All this, and Booze doing a Scotch accent that will, quite frankly, knock your socks off and make them fly across the room. Eat your heart out, Mel Gibbons.

So stick us in your ear, stick to the roads, and keep off the moors.

*This podcast is not available in the North Carolina branch of iTunes


Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

On this extremely special episode of the SFJ podcast, Chuck Turtleman brings us his exciting new segment… Pants News!

Now, calm down, non-American ladies and hunky beefcakes. Chuck is talking about trousers, not knickers. And also,what he actually brings us is facts about pants, not news. So this segment, and this entire podcast, should really be called Pants Facts! But he’s made a jingle now.

Meanwhile, Idiot of Facebook Frank is earning his title by loudly proclaiming that he’s trimming his Friends list. Oh no! Will SFJ make the cut? Frank has also joined some (free) dating websites. It would be a shame if some unscrupulous person who may or may not be a Sweet Feathery Jesus listener found his dating profile.

Oh, and Frank is definitely NOT gay. Got it?

All this, and an answer to the big questions. Is dumpy despot Kim Jong-Il Jr really DTF in the Grand Poonyang Hotel? And do you still have to dismantle your white male privilege if you were one of those kids born without a nose?

So stick us in your ear and don’t forget to hit us up on Yik-Yak, Friend-O or Squiddly Diddly.



Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

On this very special episode of the SFJ podcast, we catch up with Idiot of Facebook Lisa Br(BEEEP)do. Lisa claims to be the daughter of famous Godfather actor Marlon Br(BEEEP)do, and has taken his surname, but to protect her anonymity, we never reveal it on the podcast.

Lisa is now an artist, creating wonderful works in many mediums, most of which seem to appear when you do a reverse DuckDuckGo image search, for some reason. Now Lisa has been approached by a VERY famous auction house and is selling some of her pieces. It’s all very exciting. Especially for her boyfriend Billy, who sure does love her, according to his Facebook account. Which may or may not be maintained exclusively by Lisa. (It is).

We investigate whether badly-spelled pop star Zayn Malik’s crippling pickled egg addiction was the real reason for his split from The One Direction, wonder how many Chinese China strippers we’d need to hire to get anyone to turn up to our funerals, and try to locate Kim Jong Il Jr’s missing submarine before nanny gives him his bath.

All this, and an SFJ Special Report into whether the monkeys of the Republic of the Republic of Guinea really believe in God, & why they’d think he’s such a fan of rudimentary masonry work.

So run yourself a nice deep bath, have a loved one bring you a big plate of chicken wings but DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stick us in your ear.
Please make sure your podcast delivery device of choice is placed a safe distance away from the bathtub. You don’t want to tempt fate.


Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Beardo

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

On this extra-special episode of the SFJ podcast, we see a new side of our favourite Idiot of Facebook, Frank. And, as we’ve seen his penis, we didn’t think there were many new sides left to see. Frank reveals a love letter he received about a decade ago, from a lady who may or may not have been a mermaid. With a very low megapixel cameraphone.

Oh, & our other favourite Idiot Lisa sings us a beautiful song, after which all her celebrity friends line up to tell her how great it was.

Beardo is back to tell us what happened on his in-no-way-highly-suspicious-not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that-anyway all-male super fun weekend. Are these tame anecdotes REALLY the best things that happened in the whole 72 hours? Or does what happened in the YMCA, STAY in the YMCA?

All this, tougher sentences for children, a fish that STILL isn’t biting gentlemens’ bits and bobs, and in-depth coverage of one of Jennifer Lopez’s testicles.

So pull on your internet wetsuit, spit in your mask and stick us in your snorkel.

Dive! Dive! Dive!


Featuring: Booze and Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

On this very special episode of the SFJ podcast, we’re a man down.  It seems Beardo has gone away for an in no way highly suspicious males only weekend on which no women were allowed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here at Sweet Feathery Jesus, we celebrate alternative lifestyles.

This leaves Booze and Turtleman to discuss a super food diet that doesn’t seem to include any actual food, a mother of six who thinks she looks exactly like her sexy (her words, not ours) 14 year old daughter, a superhero dressed as a Baked Bean, and Marlee Matlin taking time out from the Super Bowl halftime show to like one of Booze’s tweets.

Oh, and we revisit the time that everyone’s favorite Idiot of Facebook, Friend Zone Frank! (yay) was actually ON THE PODCAST!

So open up a can of legumes in tomato sauce, pop on your leather cap & stick us in the front basket of your Rascal scooter. 
Let’s boogie!


Featuring: Beardo, Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

What’s that sound, you ask? Why, that’s the New Idiot Alarm! That’s right. On this very special episode of the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast, we introduce you to our brand new Idiot of Facebook… Kimly Chaos!*

Kimly is a very special lady, who loves her kids, presumably thinks cancer is bad, and enjoys getting engaged on an almost daily basis to internet gentlemen she entices with a blurry photograph of her “clevage”.

Sadly and bafflingly, these relationships rarely seem to end on good terms, resulting in some very public arguments, death threats, pictures of weaponry and poorly spelled quotes from the bible.

The First World War was a terrible thing too, I’m sure we all agree. It did, however, lead to the birth of plastic surgery. I’m sure that if he were still with us, pioneering surgeon Sir Harold Gillies would look up from repairing the blown apart, caved-in face of a brave serviceman, and wipe away a tear of pride when he saw how his fledgling techniques eventually led to young stripper Kayla Morris being transformed from a normal looking girl into a cross between a barrage balloon and an upside down mandrill.

Meanwhile, Beardo gets flummoxed, Turtleman solves some more crimes, Booze impersonates a vicar and someone’s mum has hands like an alien.

So saddle up your lovely horse and stick us in your ears. It’s gonna be a wild ride!
*Special thanks to listener Tommy for discovering Kimly.


Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Booze, Beardo, ChuckTurtleman

Whaaaaaat’s up, my diminutive honkies? On this, very special little episode, we dissect the 2003 dwarf film, Tiptoes, starring Matthew Mahogany and Gary Old Man. Is this straight-to-DVD movie a stunning tour-de-force of cinematic brilliance, or a steaming abortion of a film? The answer probably won’t surprise you.

Professor Turtleman takes up his miniature news copter and brings us four not-so-tall tales, all of which feature humans of less than regular stature. Having found a dwarf for Booze on a previous episode, we check in with Jemma Suicide and see what she’s up to (or down for, as it were). Finally, to break with the theme, we check in with our not-so-little Idiot of Facebook, Friendzone Frank!

All that, a dwarf sex criminal, the Islamic State, and at least one mention of a monkey, in this very special episode of the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast. So stick it in your tiny little earholes, my honkies!


Featuring:  Belasco, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Booze, Beardo, Turtleman

Meeeeeerry Christmas, my ho ho honkies!

Ever wondered what Christmas is like in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea?

Of course you have. Well, wonder no more. On this very special festive edition of Sweet Feathery Jesus, we talk, live via satellite, to an undercover correspondent embedded behind the Bamboo Curtain!

But not before we pay a musical tribute to our favourite Idiot of Facebook, Turtleman takes to the snowy skies in his Holiday Copter, Beardo embraces feminism & Booze is poisoned live on the podcast.

Also making our Yuletide gay is our old pal Dicky, who brings us a very special Christmas “Just the Tip”, YouTube sensation Stefano, with a very special erotic Christmas song, and all the bang up to date brussels sprout news you can shake a sleigh bell at.

So pour yourself a disgusting drink you wouldn’t even dream of imbibing for the rest of the year, gather the family around the tree and stick this in ALL your earholes. It’s Christmas! (Special thanks to Sam from the Kimchi Chronicles and Strange Times, who really IS in Korea, you know. Although there’s no way you’d be able to tell from listening to the podcast. We might as well have got Belasco to do one of his funny voices. It would’ve been a lot easier)

(Our favourite actress Shirley MacLaine is played by Gravy Hayes.)


Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Beardo, Turtleman, Booze

Whaaaaaat’s up, my haunted Halloween honkies?! On this very special spooooky Sweet Feathery Jesus, we have themed the ENTIRE episode in accordance with Halloween and/or Guy Fawkes Night (but not Bunyip Day).

We learn about the history of Booze’s dumb country’s dumb holiday traditions, and why it is absolutely necessary to burn catholics to death. Beardo brings us a very spooooky slice of True Australian History, and Chuck takes up the News Copter to bring us some truly terrifying news stories, except that one of them isn’t terrifying in the slightest.

Booze inflicts a very spooooky episode of Oi Me Colon (‘Mum, Try Up!’) upon his innocent and long-suffering co-hosts, and we check in with Idiot of Facebook Duct Tape Lisa, who is as frightening as ever.

All that, a scantily-clad R&B songstress, some magical Facebook spells, a spooooky song about Turtleman’s haunted audio equipment and the most annoying sound effect ever, on this very special episode. So stick us in your eery holes, and enjoy this horrifying Halloween SFJ special!

(Oh, and if you listen very carefully you may be able to hear the adenoidal snoring of a ghostly hellhound. Which is pretty spooooky.)


Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Booze, Beardo, Turtleman

Whaaaaaaaat’s up my honkies? On this fortnightly injection of podcast brilliance right into your main-vein, we finally welcome back recurring guest, reformed bank robber and listener favorite, The Ed!

Move over, Deez Nuts, because The Ed is all fired up, and ready to forge a new government of The Ed, for The Ed, and by The Ed.

Chuck takes the copter up for the News Round, and brings us a story from Belasco’s back yard, about a wizard who is being rather careless with his (or her?) raw meat. Also, this week’s Idiots of Facebook is all about Chuck Turtleman’s favorite “thing” on the internet: Duct Tape Lisa. Grab your socks and prepare for the #Shanglefrangle alert, this one’s a doozy!

All that, a bullied Belascopath, and a thoughtful analysis of the ongoing North/South Korea China-conflict, on this week’s Sweet Feathery Jesus.

So stick us in your aural orifices, and vote The Ed, 2016.


Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze

Whaaaaaaaat’s up, my lovebirds?

In this special romance-themed episode, Chuck Turtleman goes on an internet date with an internet lady that he’s never met before, and records it all for your listening pleasure. Seemingly on some equipment that Edison threw out for sounding a bit rubbish.

Booze brings us the tale of a scantily-clad love meltdown in the crazy world of R&B, and we hear about two angels dispensing no-questions-asked guilt free love as we take to the sky for the News Round. One of the angels is very fond of Twister and other… toys.

We all love our Dads, right?* Well, one of our favourite Idiots of Facebook is back, and if you’re stuck thinking of a gift for Father’s Day, you’re in luck. Especially if your Dad likes virtual wine and wicker.

Speaking of Idiots, Frank reaches breaking point and calls the police because somebody photoshops a lampshade on his head.

All this, plus Jesus The Monkey, Beardo on a banjo (I know, I know it’s serious) and a chance to win your very own date with Chuck!

Stick it in your lover’s ear, my honkies.

*Except Joseph Fritzl’s kids. They probably don’t even get him a card.


Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze

In this international, action-packed episode we have a very special guest from down under, Beardo! 

We start the show off getting the long-awaited global perspective on Korean Chinaleader Kim Jong Il, Jr’s newest execution method.  Professor Chuck Turtleman is Internet dating, and tells us all about his adventures with the fairer sex in Asheville, NC (home of Wackadoo’s comedy club).  Beardo gives us a live reading of his True Stories of Australian History, and it involves sex, animals, and sex with animals -which we learn is a favorite scandal with the Australian people. 

On our News Round, we take to the skies of London, England and Somerville, Massachusetts to discuss tortoise mating behavior and taxi cab crashes.  Our Idiots of Facebook segment has a recurring favorite, and he was on the news!  (and the News Round).  And, we have a heaping helping of Cheeky Franks of the Week this week.

We wrap things up with a discussion of girls on the dating site who have messaged Turtleman who are not girls. He would like to take for ice cream and ask about their day.

So put us in your ears, and get ready to learn, laugh, and maybe even find love.


Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze, Belasco

Let’s clear up a bit of listener confusion. Contrary to popular belief, Mr Turtleman is not retiring from the podcast. He’s just being a crazy maverick & refusing to play by the rules like Belasco & Booze & all you other lame-O squares do.

He still brings us the News Round, though. But now he does it whilst chewing bubble gum, turning his hat backwards & wearing blue jeans & white sneakers. This week, we meet a Brazilian bodybuilder who asks “Do you even inject, bro?” & a Canadian Chinaman who likes turtles so much he attaches almost 53 of them to to his legs & under-regions. Or maybe they’re tortoises. Hard to tell.

We continue the tale of our new Idiot of Facebook  Krystal Keith & his completely trustworthy mustachioed lady, Booze goes into battle with an old girlfriend he hasn’t seen for over half of his life & Belasco celebrates Star Track Day.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!



Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze, Belasco

We have good news and bad news. First the bad news: a beloved part of our long-running podcast is retiring as of this show. The decision is final and only an enormous groundswell of positive iTunes reviews and word-of-mouth promotion will change it. The good news: Little Caesar is back and she’s still whining on Facebook. We have all the juicy details.

Also, we’ll hear about a pain-reliever commercial that’s giving Booze a headache. Belasco bemoans the unfairness of every other country in the world getting “Avengers: Age of Ultron” before the United States. Turtleman shares a few life-hacks that may just get you off the couch and living fully once again, but probably not.

Our Idiots of Facebook segment asks the probing questions: Could be that Crystal Keith has finally found love? Does Friendzone Frank finally end the pity-party and take charge of his life? You’ll have to listen. Later, in the News Round, a big-game hunter gets the big brother treatment and Zebras are on the loose again in (where else?) Belgium.

So put your phone on speaker and stick this one in your head, honkies.



Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Booze, Chuck Turtleman

In episode #95 we learn the history of Las Vegas’ legendary Golding Nuegt. All the big names played there – Elvis, Ted Nugent, and now SFJ! It’s an honor to be a part of its storied history.

Turtleman’s News Round introduces us to Lee and we hear about his run-in with a home-made tattoo gun.  Spoiler Alert: the tattoo gun wins.  Also not expected to fare well, a Russian man who is allowing his head to be transplanted onto another body.

We’ll visit with Beardo and learn another True Story from Australian History about “the worst thing ever produced.” Several Idiots of Facebook check-in including Blurry Shirley, Lisa <bleep>, and multiple Franks being creepier than a man with a transplanted head.  Also, Belasco mourns over the hardship suffered by a board game cafe and Booze suffers through Superbitch and the Chicken Pox.

So, stick this one in your ears and tip your waitress, honkies!


93 - ANGELO!

Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Booze, Chuck Turtleman

In our 93rd full installment, we meet hunky beefcake Internet sensation Angelo! He was in Menudeo, but now he’s all grown up and, lucky for us, hasn’t given up his love for music! He’s got the body of the hulk and the voice of Stefano.

Later, we discuss the various classifications of little people, have some R&B news with Booze, discuss Turtleman’s stepmom’s childhood poodle, and Belasco tells us all about Han Solo’s latest plane crash. And, you’ll want to buckle-up because our news copter takes us to exotic places like Rome and Applebee’s.

We have a very special Idiots of Facebook. Remember the hunky beefcake Angelo? Well, he has very interesting fans on Facebook. And, wow, are they idiots! As usual, we go to their pages and read their comments and dissect their lives for your listening pleasure.

Dim the lights, pour some vodka in the poodle’s bowl, and put us in your earholes, my honkies!