Featuring: Beardo, Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaaat’s up, my honkies? The boys are back in town, and one of them has managed to convince someone to marry him. Spoiler alert: it’s neither Chuck nor Beardo. Also, this is our very special halloween special, but somehow, no-one remembered to include any halloweeny content, or mention halloween in any way, shape or form. Instead, Chuck and Booze reminisce fondly about Booze’s sham of a wedding, and the first time that they have ever locked (bog)eyes in real life. The gentlemen compete as to their proficiency on wind instruments (that’s not a euphemism), and also discuss some Pants News (because “pants seldom let you down when you need ‘em”). What else? Oh, just psychotic China Leaders, smoking monkeys & some Idiots of Social Networking. You know. The usual.

So don’t be a massive “silly billy”*. Stop complaining, you dirty little fart-sniffer. It’s SFJ, and it’s back, bitches. 

So turn all the lights off, pull the curtains, and eat all the fun-sized Mars bars yourself while you stick us in your ears. Happy Halloween, my honkies!


*Beardo wrote ‘cunt’ here, but Booze changed it to ‘silly billy’.


Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Beardo, Turtleman, Booze

Whaaaaaat’s up, my haunted Halloween honkies?! On this very special spooooky Sweet Feathery Jesus, we have themed the ENTIRE episode in accordance with Halloween and/or Guy Fawkes Night (but not Bunyip Day).

We learn about the history of Booze’s dumb country’s dumb holiday traditions, and why it is absolutely necessary to burn catholics to death. Beardo brings us a very spooooky slice of True Australian History, and Chuck takes up the News Copter to bring us some truly terrifying news stories, except that one of them isn’t terrifying in the slightest.

Booze inflicts a very spooooky episode of Oi Me Colon (‘Mum, Try Up!’) upon his innocent and long-suffering co-hosts, and we check in with Idiot of Facebook Duct Tape Lisa, who is as frightening as ever.

All that, a scantily-clad R&B songstress, some magical Facebook spells, a spooooky song about Turtleman’s haunted audio equipment and the most annoying sound effect ever, on this very special episode. So stick us in your eery holes, and enjoy this horrifying Halloween SFJ special!

(Oh, and if you listen very carefully you may be able to hear the adenoidal snoring of a ghostly hellhound. Which is pretty spooooky.)


Featuring:  Dr. P, BoozeBelasco

Producer: Booze, Dr. P

As friends we’ve gathered, hearts are true, spirits near… we call to you.

Is there anybody there?

Oh, there you are. Happy Halloween!

Following the runaway success of our Battleship episode, we thought we’d try another board game based crappy movie tie-in. Ouija… The Podcast.

Join us as we attempt to contact the dead before your very ears. You won’t BELIEVE what happens.*

Is there anything more horrific than a toddler? Yes. 3 toddlers. Dr. P brings us a tale of terror that will make you think that Freddie Kreuger might have had the right idea about childcare.

Booze proves beyond any doubt that there’s life after death with the aid of a butterfly and a man called Don, Belasco reads a comic book called Sex Heroes or something and we meet some more lovely locked up ladies in SFJ’s Penitentiary Pen Pals.

Then, in a very special Halloween News Round, we meet a woman with a dead Nan and a haircut from 1983, find out why ‘Lil Bub won’t be going to Tanzania anytime soon and ask whether dead babies can ever be funny.

As it turns out, the answer is no. But we left that bit in anyway.

So turn out the lights, stick us in your ear and remember…

Even a man** who’s pure in heart, and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and the autumn moon is bright.
My honkies.

*you will believe what happens.

**or lady.