Featuring: Beardo, Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s up, my honkies?

In this very special edition of the Sweet Feathery Jesus podcast, we try to answer the questions that everybody is asking in these turbulent times.

Who would win a fight out of deceased rhyming lawyer Johnny Cochran and extremely old cooking lady Mary Berry from the Great British Cake Bake programme? (What’s up, Mary?)

Is leaving half an onion by the side of your bed a more effective cure for a gallbladder infection than writing to a doctor lady in a monthly magazine?

What were the names of Chuck’s Grandad’s two monkeys again?

Who the hell is Dudie Spangler?

Also, our old friend Dickie joins us LIVE on the podcast! He’s watched the Taken TV show, and tells us all about it, at great great length, so you don’t have to bother.

Plus… Beardo soils himself, we objectify the heck out of some sexy firemen & then we somehow manage to link Brexit to monkeys & do a song about it.

So hang your hat on an expensive bent stick, pour yourself a delicious cup of bone juice & stick us in your ear. No, not that one. The other one.


Featuring:  Dr. P, BoozeBelasco

Producer: Dr. P, Booze, Belasco

In this action-packed episode we reluctantly agree to watch Taken 3, so you don’t have to. It’s got plot holes you could drive a truckload of Albanians through, and not only does nobody actually get Taken this time, it hasn’t even got that Sikh shopkeeper dude from the first one in it. Listen and find out whether we liked it!

We tour a Fleshlight factory with a lovely Czech pornography lady called Wageena, don our dungarees to wrestle a gigantic pig in Texas with some very manly men, then take to the mean streets of New Delhi with our slingshots to protect the President of the United States. We won’t spoil it and say what we were protecting him from, but they’re very, very naughty and like hats, cigarettes, and bananas.

Professor Turtleman submits a comic book for Belasco’s approval, we discuss the possibly magic vagina of Kathy Bates and conclude our dramatic reading of possibly the most idiotic Facebook drama of all time.

Oh, and we’ve had a listener complaint. From the Hindu Monkey God Hanuman.
Stick it in your ear, my honkies! Or we will find you, etc, etc.